My Surprising Response to “The Shock and Horror of the Gay Couple on Good luck Charlie”

As most people know by now there is some controversy being spread about the “gay couple” that made a brief appearance on the Disney show “Good Luck Charlie”.

The show focuses on an American family full of spunk and humor as they make video diaries for their kid sister Charlie to watch as she grows.

It’s adorable, often well written and very enduring.

However, it’s caused quite a stir due to a moment on the show that aired in which a minor character had “two mommies”… I might add that neither of these characters spoke, nor did they display any sort of affection towards one another.

On my secondary facebook, I stumbled across a family friend who posted about the devil work in disney and (of course) there as a slew of comments, everything from “going down the toilet” etc… to a gay man (who I felt truly sorry for in this moment) who was “Glad that he was no longer in church due to all the hatred…”

Normally, I would walk away from this especially because most of those involved were twice my age and I had a feeling that I’d be getting “Schooled” later on. However, I took a deep breath and spent the better part of an hour replying in this way-

I always find it intriguing to see the kinds of things that people get riled up over and the kinds of things that they don’t… I would wager that quite a few people on this thread complaining about the evils of “disney” and their “same sex” couple are not only sinners (joke) but, also watch and read quite a few things that are not necessarily “godly”… (not a joke)…

 We (as a culture) seem to pick and choose what entertainment is “BLASPHEMOUS” and what entertainment is “cool because we enjoy it…” when if we were truly truthful, we’d see that a lot of it has very ungodly things in it. *looks over a few of your likes, movies, music and shows* Yup… no judgments spoken, just pointing out that this is what we do.

 We point and scream and wine and cry when a same sex couple walks into a room on a show, but have no qualms when a man is murdered on a tv show, or someone has an affair for the sake of the story…or when the bad guy says a few “curse words” or calls someone a “Fool”…

 We need to get out of this “so offended about certain things and not others” mindset and continually put our faith on Christ and be HONEST with ourselves. We have prejudices because they’re not OUR sins. A homosexual couple??!?!??! THAT’S AWFUL! AN ABOMINATION!!! HORRIFYING!!! Thor, that’s okay tho… just marvel movies… because I like them after all, so they can’t be that bad. I’m a Christian. haha.

 No. The thing is that Christ essentially told us to be un-offendable AND to not be shocked that sinners SIN (as do we sometimes). We need to treat issues like this with love, understanding, and respect. We do not agree with it, no… but we do not BLOW UP and start saying “ABOMINATION!!!” because (as I said) it should be no shock that sinners sin… And if we can’t at least admit that half of the things we’re watching even if they AREN’T disney are full of un-godly things, then we’re ultimately just hypocrites and it’s no wonder that gays, lesbians, and transgender people have so much hatred for us.

 If we’re going to take such a stance against homosexuality in entertainment, then you’d BETTER be prepared to take a stance when someone is killed on tv… or when a man kisses a woman that’s not his wife. Or when someone calls someone else a fool, or when someone lies, or cheats, or steals… or bares false witness…

 The truth? Gay people are not going away. It’s part of our culture and our society and as much as we may disagree with their life style, throwing a fit every time one is on tv or a kid’s show just doesn’t help ANYTHING nor does it show the love of Christ that I know is what we want to show.  MANY of them are hurting and HAVE BEEN hurt very very very terribly in the past…

 Because they’re so a part of our world/culture now, you have to understand that every time one shows up it is NOT “””PROPAGANDA!!!””” and “””AGENDA!!!”””… it’s often just because we all know someone who is gay, and we know that they are people, and since characters are BASED off of people, sometimes in a movie, book, child’s show there will be a gay person. YES, there is such a thing as pushing it, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s here and here to stay…

 I have to say if I were a gay person and I saw this thread, I’d be terrified to walk into a church, ever.

 See it for what it is… sinners who sin, Christ-less who need Christ and PRAY PRAY PRAY for them. Don’t have a fit, don’t burn ashes and wear sac cloth, don’t “never go out because there are gay people” don’t “stop seeing movies because there might be a gay person”… TEACH YOUR CHILDREN CHRIST and all will be okay.

 Christ is coming soon, and hopefully many many will be saved from some of the HORRORS they have experienced… I do fear however of the hypocrisy of the church when handling gay people and being totally okay with their own secret sins.  – God bless.

And I walked away, unfollowing the commentary as I often do when I don’t want to “argue” beyond my point.

I find it highly disturbing that we live in a world now days in the church where the WORST POSSIBLE THING YOU CAN BE IS GAY… whether you believe it’s a sin or not, there are TONS of other things that the bible points to as being problems/sins/ things that He hates that the church doesn’t scream quite so loudly about.

I often wonder (because I understand the word “homophobia” for what it is) why we all seem so “afraid” of the “gay” thing… that children will SEE it… that they’ll HEAR it… that they’ll SMELL it… but we aren’t as concerned with our behavior in front of our own children (which is far more damaging in the long run then whether or not they saw two men kiss once or… GASP… hold hands or something.) You know what influences your kid more than media and entertainment??? YOU! YOU DO! For heaven’s sakes, what chance do you think a child had in Rome shortly after Christ? Where homosexuality, free sex, murder at Colosseums, brutality, torture, etc etc was RAMPANT!? Literally, everywhere! The bible says to teach your child in the ways of Christ and he will surely return to them. So, what has the most affect on your child? The gay couple that he saw once? No! YOU DO! Christ does!

I believe that this is the reason that the bible continually focuses on US… WE WE WE need to work out OUR own salvation in fear and trembling. Because sinners sin, and we sin, and we know Christ, and that is the only difference. But for the grace of God…

I think we need to be ever mindful, ever open, and ever prepared to express love, and normalcy to ALL people, and THEN to proceed in the way that we feel God wants us to instead of always banging on doors and crying, “AGENDA! DISGUSTING! EWWW!!! SIN!!!” when we seem to let tons of other “sins” go by the wayside.

I think we need to re-evaluate… – LKJSlain