You’re not a diva, you’re not assertive, you’re rude.

Tumblr gives me an endless array of things to “rant” about. HAHA

Something that has gotten on my nerves in the past few days has been watching Nicki Minaj try to gloriously justify her “actions” as a totally inconsiderate human being by equating herself to a “boss figure” or a “manager” … trying to justify her inexcusable ways of treating others by stating that she “wants more for herself” and “wanting people to TREAT HER with respect…” then blatantly stating that when she’s “assertive” … she’s called a bitch compared to when a “man” is assertive… he’s called a boss…

At first glance, this might look true.

Your inner need to justification and equality might be ROARING like a lion…

But further examination of such statements renders them not only false, but ridiculous.

Firstly, there are both male AND FEMALE bosses on planet earth. And you know what? If they’re assertive, but still kind, they are loved! They are praised, they are rejoiced, because those working for them feel as though they mean something. They are not merely ants to be stepped on.

Her acting like her “bitch like” attitude is “okay” because she’s being assertive is… well… not okay.

The latest gif set that came across my dash had the words of a fan underneath, – “people who say they don’t like Nicki Minaj don’t know enough about her”…

Interesting… let me ask you… how many times do you need to see someone be totally rude to others before you actually decide that they’re rude? How strong must the “fan girl” be for one to be so blind? Honestly. All you have to do is put “Nicki Minaj being rude” into google to turn back literally HUNDREDS of results. She is needlessly rude and mean to people who do not deserve it on a regular basis, and I get really tired of people defending people like this… We pay them MONEY to entertain so … they can be jerks to everyone? Meh… wrong. You don’t get MY money sweetheart, I’ll just go and watch a lyric vid on youtube.

You can be assertive, strong, and yeah, people will forgive you for being OCCASIONALLY rude. But, don’t be a TOTAL jerk and then act like you’re being “assertive”  “boss like”… and then drag feminism and equality into it. This has nothing to do with men/ vs women… you’re just a jerk, Nicki.

As a very wise doctor that I used to know used to tell me, “If someone continues to say something about you, or if everywhere you go you encounter the same problem, or if you are on your third, fourth, and fifth marriages… guess what? The problem is PROBABLY you…”

THE VERY IDEA that Nicki Minaj is equating herself to someone that should be a “boss” because she’s “assertive” is ludicrous and might I add EXTREMELY prideful. I honestly believe that this woman is a sociopath. It’s pretty obvious that she thinks that her crap doesn’t smell at all, that she’s worth all of her millions (hardly) and that she even has the right to step on the toes of people with FAR more staying power and YEARRRRRRRRRRRRS more experience than her (like her constant put downs of Mariah Carrey, who, btw, could sing circles around her)…

Good music tho… sometimes…  okay, rarely… 😉

Fun picture for the day-

If One More person says that A.J. looks “SCARY” or “MENACING” as Maleficent, I think I might scream.

It always barffles me (yes… barf -fles) when people get so wrapped up in an upcoming movie because of the IDEA of the movie that they don’t SERIOUSLY look at the reality… 

I was a-scrollin on the tumblr and I came across this – (and the moment where she smiles afterwards)

With this scrawled out underneath it – 
“Angelina Jolie worked very closely with the costume and make-up designers to develop Maleficent’s menacing look. Disney executives objected, hoping to take advantage of Jolie’s beauty in marketing the film, but the actress insisted that the character maintain the scarier look of the animated incarnation.”

Maybe it’s because this particular disney character is very dear to my heart…but the moment that I heard that Jolie was going to play her, all that came to my mind was “REALLY!?? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLLY??!?!” 

In response to the above
I reblogged stating this – 

Hol’ up… let me just stop you right there… I have never ONCE during the commercials, during these gifs, during much of ANYTHING been “afraid” of her. I honestly thought that this was a joke. 

She looks too beautiful. That smile in the last gif? She almost looks normal. She looks like a model “IN” a tacky Maleficent costume to me. And those red lips? And that flawless white skin? O_o 

Frankly, I’m not at all buying it. I think it’s pretty clear that ACTUALLY Jolie wanted to be “beautiful” through the “make up” not scary or ugly. It’s like the scary/ ugly was an after thought.

If they had given this role to me, I would have absolutely pushed for them to make me ugly/ unrecognizable with a HINT of beauty as an afterthought… and forget the freaking RED LIPS… I know the disney character had them, but it just looks too… pretty here.

I hate to rant but I just get so tired of everyone saying that she looks “Scary”… really?!? REALLLLY?!?!? Scary… so if this showed up at your door, you’d be TERRIFIED, not curious? Not enchanted? Not a little bit confused as to why a gorgeous woman was wearing huge horns??

Something else? I have not once seen a commercial where she has “scared” me either. I don’t think she’s the most amazing actress, but I thought MAYBE she could do this… So far? Nope. Not even a blip of  “Oh, that was a little frightening” … just a gothic-y queen with a deep sexy voice. 

I honestly think this might be terrible over all. The make up, the acting, everything. 

Believe it or not, I can’t WAIT to be proven wrong… but so far? Nope… not buying it at all. 

I know… total “unpopular opinion” time. 

Blech… *done* 

As if the stupidity was not enough…

As if the sheer, blinding, Screech Powers meets Steve Urkel on a bad day craziness wasn’t the last straw… 


For those too lazy to click on the link… 

Shockingly, DEATH THREATS have surfaced on the internet. But who are they directed at? WHO!? Not the writers, producers, or Disney THEMSELVES (none of those would be appropriate either, btw)!!! NO! A Five year old! More specifically, the 5 year old who plays Charlie!!!

What is WRONG with people!? 

This kind of behavior speaks to me on a deeper level. This is far beyond “gays” vs. “straights” or “people who are Christian” and are “upset about gay marriage”… this is an entirely new beast. I don’t care WHAT a 5 year old is involved in, you certainly do not ever ever ever ever ever MAKE DEATH THREATS TO A FIVE YEAR OLD! 

Like she really has a choice about what’s going on around her, anyways! 

Everyone crack open your bibles, pray, and pray for this little girl because regardless of what’s going on, she does NOT deserve this. Let’s do our best to protect her! 


I scrunch the foil up in one hand
No more.
Should I feel badly for eating it?
Well, should I!?
On the one hand, yes I do.
On the other, no…
Everyone eats you see.
But somewhere on my long, lonesome journey,
I lost the ability to tell the difference
between “healthy” eating.
And “non-healthy” eating.
“Are you an emotional eater?”
The question sticks in the front of my mind.
Can someone just like food?
Does every bite I take, or every
chocolate bar that I eat have to mean that
I’m dying inside… ?
That I have secrets that I’m trying to “hide”?
I digress…
The foil is still in my hand.
It serves as a reminder…
A reminder that there is another diet
I’ve failed today…
Tomorrow is new, but will I do
the same thing tomorrow?
IS IT just that I like food?
Do I have a food addiction?
What do I do about that?
And how is it that even though
I want to be skinny, I can’t stop myself
From eating?
“I’ll have water…” is my favorite line.
Because it is.
No, it really is.
I like water.
It actually quenches.
I’m counting calories again
I’ve wound up here… again…
How do I find my strength?
I watch as my mother takes
ANOTHER potato chip and
tells me how she’s “on the soup diet”
“I only eat soup” she says.
Making me feel like I’m a
Because I can’t survive on just “soup”
Six hundred calories a day…
For soup…
Did you know that the nazis fed the Jews
800 calories a day to starve them?
I ball the foil in my hand angrily.
Apparently, I just can’t survive with so little food.
But, I’m not happy either.
I want to be thin.
How is it that we can acknowledge that
Some people are “naturally thin”…
But we can’t acknowledge that
“Some people are naturally fat?”
Seems logical, doesn’t it?
If you’re thin, maybe you were just born that way.
If you’re fat, then you’re fat because you did it.
These days?
It feels like I’m doing it.
Yes. I am probably the culprit…
But when I started to get fat?
Not so…
You see I was fat when I ate very little.
I watch my husband eat half a bag of potato chips.
But not me…
I have to stop eating…
I watch as my sister gets McDonalds
But not me…
I have to stop eating…
I watch as the sexy girl in the bikini advertises for Carl’s Jr.
But not me…
I have to stop eating.
And if I don’t stop eating, then I MUST want to be fat.
Then I realize the guilt that’s going on
Simply perpetuates what IS going on…
I squeeze the foil…
I realize that
The thing that strikes me the most is this…
My biggest concern was wondering if anyone saw me. – LKJSlain

The Sign of Three

Rant/ Unpopular opinion time…

Almost every single time that an actor/singer/director/model/SOMEONE dies, you see some YAHOO (yes, I’m referring to you) who says, “Oop! op! Threes… things always happen in threes… who will be next I wonder…”

… Things do NOT always happen in “threes”… deaths especially… that honestly makes no friggin sense. Like, there are 7 billion people on the planet and because three of them died in the same month you’re going to say “THINGS ALWAYS HAPPEN IN THREES!!” ???

I honestly got on this train at one point (when I was much younger) then decided that it was rubbish, then recently (when I started seeing people say this garbazh,) I decided to start looking things up…

TURNS OUT (shock) that actually TONS of actors, singers, directors, models, ice skaters, sports players, etc die every single freaking day! More than likely, they were simply not reported on the news or you just didn’t hear about them (or chose not to see them because you didn’t care about said actor/singer/whoever)

The real issue here is that you’ve HEARD somewhere that “people die in threes” and you believe it, so your brain starts seeing it” (seriously, this is how manipulation works, and things like fortune telling, etc)… You are easily fooled into believing something because you believe it already (even if only on a subconscious level)…

But let’s say, (for the sake of argument)… that people DID in fact die in “threes” (I wouldn’t even bat an eye unless Johnny Depp, Christopher Nolan, AND Scott Hamilton were all standing at a party laughing and suddenly keeled over all at once, and then it happened again a week later, and so on and so on…) but, if it WERE true…

WHO THE **** CARES?!?!

Someone just lost their life and the best thing that you can say as a response is that “oh no, things always happen in threes?” O_o… this utterly dumbfounds me.

Like seriously what would be the point if this were true? What would GOD be trying to tell us? What would the UNIVERSE’S purpose be? What would NATURE mean?
“People are dying in threes… quick, smoke a dooby…” “People are dying in threes… climate change…” “People are dying in threes… OBAMA CARE…” “People are dying in threes… … shhhhh… el nino….”


Seriously, this is how people get sucked into believing something… Instead of mindlessly believing some pointless thing like, “people die in threeeeeeees or teeennnnnnssssss…. or five millionnnnsssss”… Why don’t you actually say something worth while/ meaningful/ respectful regarding the person’s death, or here’s a wild idea… say nothing at all if you can’t…


The REAL issue of the day for me?

Is not that it’s Groundhog Day… it’s not that it’s Superbowl Sunday. (I honestly couldn’t give a FLYING turd about about football)

It’s that yet ANOTHER great actor has been found dead from drug overdose…

Who? Phillip Seymore Hoffman. 
He was one of my favorite actors! 

I absolutely adored him in Doubt, and in the latest Hunger Games movie. 

Dear Hollywood,

How many more great actors will you lose before you understand/realize that drugs and crazy living are not a good match for you? Especially since your death will be plastered everywhere for ages. 😥 

So very sad.