The Sign of Three

Rant/ Unpopular opinion time…

Almost every single time that an actor/singer/director/model/SOMEONE dies, you see some YAHOO (yes, I’m referring to you) who says, “Oop! op! Threes… things always happen in threes… who will be next I wonder…”

… Things do NOT always happen in “threes”… deaths especially… that honestly makes no friggin sense. Like, there are 7 billion people on the planet and because three of them died in the same month you’re going to say “THINGS ALWAYS HAPPEN IN THREES!!” ???

I honestly got on this train at one point (when I was much younger) then decided that it was rubbish, then recently (when I started seeing people say this garbazh,) I decided to start looking things up…

TURNS OUT (shock) that actually TONS of actors, singers, directors, models, ice skaters, sports players, etc die every single freaking day! More than likely, they were simply not reported on the news or you just didn’t hear about them (or chose not to see them because you didn’t care about said actor/singer/whoever)

The real issue here is that you’ve HEARD somewhere that “people die in threes” and you believe it, so your brain starts seeing it” (seriously, this is how manipulation works, and things like fortune telling, etc)… You are easily fooled into believing something because you believe it already (even if only on a subconscious level)…

But let’s say, (for the sake of argument)… that people DID in fact die in “threes” (I wouldn’t even bat an eye unless Johnny Depp, Christopher Nolan, AND Scott Hamilton were all standing at a party laughing and suddenly keeled over all at once, and then it happened again a week later, and so on and so on…) but, if it WERE true…

WHO THE **** CARES?!?!

Someone just lost their life and the best thing that you can say as a response is that “oh no, things always happen in threes?” O_o… this utterly dumbfounds me.

Like seriously what would be the point if this were true? What would GOD be trying to tell us? What would the UNIVERSE’S purpose be? What would NATURE mean?
“People are dying in threes… quick, smoke a dooby…” “People are dying in threes… climate change…” “People are dying in threes… OBAMA CARE…” “People are dying in threes… … shhhhh… el nino….”


Seriously, this is how people get sucked into believing something… Instead of mindlessly believing some pointless thing like, “people die in threeeeeeees or teeennnnnnssssss…. or five millionnnnsssss”… Why don’t you actually say something worth while/ meaningful/ respectful regarding the person’s death, or here’s a wild idea… say nothing at all if you can’t…



2 thoughts on “The Sign of Three

  1. Not always, but often. It has happened often in my family/life. So, yes, it DOES happen. Just not always or with everything.

    • So, you’re telling me that you know three people personally who all dropped dead at once?

      It happening in your lifetime/ circle doesn’t count.

      It’s not the norm or the standard.

      There have been 16 celebrities who have died since the beginning of August.

      People don’t die in “threes” … And if they did… when does the time start and end? How do you measure that? Three in a week? A month? A year? …

      It’s superstitious silliness.

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