As if the stupidity was not enough…

As if the sheer, blinding, Screech Powers meets Steve Urkel on a bad day craziness wasn’t the last straw… 


For those too lazy to click on the link… 

Shockingly, DEATH THREATS have surfaced on the internet. But who are they directed at? WHO!? Not the writers, producers, or Disney THEMSELVES (none of those would be appropriate either, btw)!!! NO! A Five year old! More specifically, the 5 year old who plays Charlie!!!

What is WRONG with people!? 

This kind of behavior speaks to me on a deeper level. This is far beyond “gays” vs. “straights” or “people who are Christian” and are “upset about gay marriage”… this is an entirely new beast. I don’t care WHAT a 5 year old is involved in, you certainly do not ever ever ever ever ever MAKE DEATH THREATS TO A FIVE YEAR OLD! 

Like she really has a choice about what’s going on around her, anyways! 

Everyone crack open your bibles, pray, and pray for this little girl because regardless of what’s going on, she does NOT deserve this. Let’s do our best to protect her! 


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