You’re not a diva, you’re not assertive, you’re rude.

Tumblr gives me an endless array of things to “rant” about. HAHA

Something that has gotten on my nerves in the past few days has been watching Nicki Minaj try to gloriously justify her “actions” as a totally inconsiderate human being by equating herself to a “boss figure” or a “manager” … trying to justify her inexcusable ways of treating others by stating that she “wants more for herself” and “wanting people to TREAT HER with respect…” then blatantly stating that when she’s “assertive” … she’s called a bitch compared to when a “man” is assertive… he’s called a boss…

At first glance, this might look true.

Your inner need to justification and equality might be ROARING like a lion…

But further examination of such statements renders them not only false, but ridiculous.

Firstly, there are both male AND FEMALE bosses on planet earth. And you know what? If they’re assertive, but still kind, they are loved! They are praised, they are rejoiced, because those working for them feel as though they mean something. They are not merely ants to be stepped on.

Her acting like her “bitch like” attitude is “okay” because she’s being assertive is… well… not okay.

The latest gif set that came across my dash had the words of a fan underneath, – “people who say they don’t like Nicki Minaj don’t know enough about her”…

Interesting… let me ask you… how many times do you need to see someone be totally rude to others before you actually decide that they’re rude? How strong must the “fan girl” be for one to be so blind? Honestly. All you have to do is put “Nicki Minaj being rude” into google to turn back literally HUNDREDS of results. She is needlessly rude and mean to people who do not deserve it on a regular basis, and I get really tired of people defending people like this… We pay them MONEY to entertain so … they can be jerks to everyone? Meh… wrong. You don’t get MY money sweetheart, I’ll just go and watch a lyric vid on youtube.

You can be assertive, strong, and yeah, people will forgive you for being OCCASIONALLY rude. But, don’t be a TOTAL jerk and then act like you’re being “assertive”  “boss like”… and then drag feminism and equality into it. This has nothing to do with men/ vs women… you’re just a jerk, Nicki.

As a very wise doctor that I used to know used to tell me, “If someone continues to say something about you, or if everywhere you go you encounter the same problem, or if you are on your third, fourth, and fifth marriages… guess what? The problem is PROBABLY you…”

THE VERY IDEA that Nicki Minaj is equating herself to someone that should be a “boss” because she’s “assertive” is ludicrous and might I add EXTREMELY prideful. I honestly believe that this woman is a sociopath. It’s pretty obvious that she thinks that her crap doesn’t smell at all, that she’s worth all of her millions (hardly) and that she even has the right to step on the toes of people with FAR more staying power and YEARRRRRRRRRRRRS more experience than her (like her constant put downs of Mariah Carrey, who, btw, could sing circles around her)…

Good music tho… sometimes…  okay, rarely… 😉

Fun picture for the day-


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