You can’t write if you don’t read.

“You can’t write if you don’t read…”

I respect and admire readers SO MUCH! SO SO SO much!

BUT I do not believe this statement/ claim at all.

Reason being? I am NOT a reader.

I know, I just gained massive gasps, sighs, faints, shock, and terror. XD

Assuredly you are wailing “BUT… BUT BOOKS!!! KNOWLEDGE! POWER!!! IMAGINATION!!!”

I know! GAH! I know!

Let me start this by stating that I WISH that I was a reader. I really really really do. I have tried!!! I strove, I pushed… But, I simply can not do it.

Now don’t get me wrong! I HAVE read books in my lifetime! But the number of books that I’ve read could probably be counted up and told to you. 😦
(Books I clearly remember reading)-
The Hobbit
The Phantom of the Opera
The House of the Scorpion
Redeeming Love

The number of books that I’ve STARTED to read but never finished is terribly astronomical. 😛

I don’t know what it is…but I simply can not do it. I pick up a book and lose focus after a few pages… so I put it down. Then I pick it up again and lose interest in a few pages… and put it down and before I know it, I am not reading it anymore.

Ex: I’ve been reading “The Shinning” for about three years now. xD

I tend to pick up a book to read, but feel like I can’t stay there long enough to finish it, and instead I must write! Or do something else. XD

But I deeply despise those that repeatedly have told me that I will never be a writer because I do not read.

I might not ever be a certain KIND of writer because I do not read a lot. I might not ever be a verbose, WORDY writer if I don’t read a lot.

But writing, (like everything) is in large part “TALENT” … and whether you believe that that is natural born of God, or something that one simply wields/ poses of their own volition is really… neither here nor there.

An author is not “good” because they are a reader. An author is good because they write, and practice, and tend their talent like they would a garden.

A singer (like my sister )is born firstly with a beautiful voice, and then is trained, taught, and works very hard to perfect their already lovely voice. Yes, a voice that is not quite so astounding CAN be trained into a more perfect voice (just as anything can be learned) but often, your talent is GIFTED to you firstly.

I’ve had people tell me that I was a great conjurer of tales since I was a small child. In college, my English professor was surprised that I had been placed in her class because she claimed that my writing ability was at least two classes beyond where I had been placed. My “English” / “grammar” is not always the best. But, this is again where training comes in. It’s puzzling to me that this is another statement often made by those who believe that they know all about writing. “You will not be a writer because your grammar is bad.” Grammar can be learned, talent can not. If you don’t have it, then what you are good at is more of a hobby than it is a profession.

My method might not be perfect, and in fact has MANY MANY years before it is something that I will truly be in love with (I’m sure)… but just like any other talent, the best often start out with natural born talent FIRST.

I am NOT suggesting that I am “one of the best”; far from I think XD but I think that it’s horrible to put parameters on someone’s gift by telling them that they won’t be something “unless”…

Seems to me that there are plenty of people in acting, singing, writing and quite a few other professions out there that are giving the proverbial finger to tons of people who told that they’d “never” this or “never” that… and yet, they are standing strong in their professions.

I (unfortunately) know many many many “readers” who also believe that they are writers because (perhaps) of that rule/ claim that’s thrown around “You must be a reader to be a writer”, and unfortunately, some of them are “good” some are “okay” and others? Well, unfortunately they are utterly terrible in their writing ability.

The truth is that ultimately you have to decide what you want to pursue and what you wish to do/ try with your life. But, be honest with what you’re talented and good at and don’t let people tell you that “you’ll never be something” because of some rule that humanity created that you’re not following.

Be diligent with your craft, practice it, train with it, and prepare with it, and maybe someday you will be on top regardless.

Always Writing


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