I don’t know anymore. I just don’t know. I didn’t even know how to start this entry, which is why I’m having a difficult time doing so. 


Facebook is blowing up with this story –

As someone who has multiple facebooks, I can tell you that this story is being thrown about here, there and everywhere… 

But what’s really amazing to me is the comments that this story is getting. 

Right and left, the biggest issue that I see people complaining about is the father and his lack of “educating his young daughter” about sex and rape…

Does this seem odd to you? Think about it. This story breaks, and everyone is ultra concerned that the dad won’t let a sexually explicit (debatable) part in a book because he has NOT educated her about sex and rape…

I have several issues with these comments and have in fact been flamed a few times for my comments regarding the story and what happened. 

The first one is that the commentators are ASSUMING that the father HASN’T educated his daughter about sex and rape… No where in the video that I’ve seen four or five times does the father say, “Um, excuse me, yeah…hi…my daughter is so totally virginal that we cover her ears when someone says the “S” word… yeah, we also tell her to plug them and hum if someone says pee pee or poo poo…” No, you will not find this in any of the transcript regarding what was said at the meeting. 

Why is it then that people are making SUCH a big deal over this? No one is saying that the girl is not educated in sex and rape… in fact, I can tell you that being a virgin for 24 years before I was married (where I lost my virginity), I actually knew MORE about sex and rape than several people my age HAVING sex, INCLUDING my own mother who lived through the seventies. 

My SECOND issues is this-… why is this video being turned on the father as being the “BAD GUY” ? 

The father simply didn’t want someone OTHER than him or his family to give his daughter material that was explicit… it’s HIS opinion, it’s HIS child! 

My THIRD issue… Everyone is focusing on the WRONG thing in this story… What we all NEED to be talking about is why is it that a man who was not SCREAMING or even YELLING but instead voicing his opinion about the content of something given to his daughter being ARRESTED? Furthermore, why is everyone sitting there looking like scared sheep… ???

THAT is the conversation that we need to be having. It really is. 

Why is it that in a room full of several people no one said, “This is America, it’s a free country, he has the right to voice his opinion and argue a subject regarding his own children without the fear or threat of being arrested… ” ??? Why is it that instead they all look like they’re literally terrified of being whipped or arrested or heaven forbid even SHOT? 

Are we all becoming that TRAINED? 

Seriously… think about this… 

You might not agree with WHAT he stood up for… but if this is what happens when you stand up for anything ESPECIALLY pertaining to your own children… what kind of country do we live in?


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