Want to get away… sad birthday

a little… maybe… not really. XD

As many of you know, I have had a HARD HARD HARD passed 10ish months. (PLUS actually)

If you don’t know, I’ll give you a little background.

In December of 2012 I lost my cat two days before Christmas… it was a long battle and the LAST time that I asked for some help/support on the internet because the doctors weren’t sure if he was going to survive or not, and I had to pay for the medical bills somehow.

January/February of 2013 I had a root canal procedure that was horrifying… Basically, the dentist believes that he (during procedure) “nicked my nerve” or something and I ended up in horrible pain that caused mild PTSD

In March of 2013, I found out that due to some negligence on my husband’s behalf, and a slew of other “bombs” that were dropped on us, we owed multiple places over $6,000 dollars… since then, life has spun out of control for far too long.

In MAY of 2013, I had a serious burn accident that wound me up in the emergency room leaving me with a bill of over 2,000$ (for them to take my vitals, give me a shot, and put cream on my ankle btw…) LUCKILY (even though it’s taken this long) I’m getting some money for that but ONLY to pay the bills. Nothing “extra”. The burn that I was told would take a “week” to heal actually took about three months and left some scarring.

In July (LATE july ) the REAL trouble started. I basically woke up one saturday morning believing that I had a UTI… Went to the doctor, they found nothing, but put me on antibiotics anyways… This began a (what is now) TEN MONTH road of pain, suffering, antibiotics, countless “diagnosis” and overall hurt/shame/horror/depression/etc…

Not to mention the fact that I am not better yet. I BELIEVE that I’m getting there, but I’m not better šŸ˜„

In AUGUST of 2013 due to a bunch of ridiculous things. We lost our car. šŸ˜„ And have literally been carless ever since. Which is NOT easy in California. We’ve had to rely on everyone and everything just to “go places”…

This all the while I was going to doctors, getting blood drawn…

I could go through the list of things that I’ve been diagnosed with, or the antibiotics that I’ve been on… bottom line? I was never fully made aware of exactly what has happened to me… and in the end? I just have to “wait and see” kind of thing (no longer on antibiotics)… I was FINALLY (in Feb) diagnosed with Vestibulitis… basically, it means that I am in pain when “disturbed” there… I’m married, this has GREATLY disrupted my married life.

Also, I was essentially told by a doctor that due to all of my medications, I have all but RUINED my body’s bacteria, and health…wonderful…

All I want now? To be able to go for a small “vacation” with my husband for my birthday. Not a week, not a month… just a day or two to rest over near Disneyland and have a nice time. My room will be FREE, and I have just a tad bit of money set aside for gas/ etc (if we can barrow someone’s car which I don’t even know yet…) I know it sounds terrible… but even if you can donate a few dollars to me… that’d be SO WONDERFUL to give me just a small break from all of this stupidity and madness…

I’ve only really listed the tip of the iceberg here as far as how difficult this has been.

But, rest assured, I’m holding strong, and God is good.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Some people want incentive to donate sometimes… so, AS incentive, if you DO donate and you WANT it… I’ll be sending everyone who donates more than 10$ (more than… yes, 10.01 counts) a little piece of jewelry (a ring or a pair of bobby pins or something)… just to say thanks. ^_^ If you don’t want to donate, but want to help, you can always buy something from my shop!


Feel free to ask me ANY questions that you want and thank you so much!


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