I’m a Christian, and I want you to stop throwing bible verses at me…

It’s been one of those days … the kind where things started out fairly normal and totally unassuming and by 6:45PM I was basically hiding my tears.

I got into a conversation through the net earlier with two women (one of whom was my friend, the other who wasn’t). It was a normal exchange about the bible, hell and Christ in which some questions were being asked and I answered them. Towards the end of the discussion, I explained my final thought and then let the ladies know that I was leaving and un-following the conversation because I had to move on for the night and I needed to go film (something else that fell entirely through but I won’t get into all of that or it’ll make me cry again.)

Not long after, the second woman (who is not a friend) messaged me… she started right in,  “I’m sorry but your the biggest fake I’ve ever seen, I think you should read the rest of the post and see what life REALLY IS sweetie.  I no more believe your crap then the postman who says it’s not his baby.  Get a life and don’t try to con a professional!” She then proceeded to tell me that I didn’t respect the other woman in the conversation (which even she told me later on was incorrect). She then explained that she knew more about good and evil than I ever would (she might be right) and proceeded to advertise her book to me. (Because nothing makes me want to buy a book more than someone insulting me repeatedly) >_> Telling me that it’s an award winning book and that it’s going to be a movie… We jump a few sentences later to her giving me this gem, ” I apologize if I made assumptions, but it just seemed like you were being rude to ___, and I truly admire her for everything she’s been thru and the kind of lady she is today.  We all have our beliefs but pushing them on people is not or isn’t the way to get them to “see the light”.  Sure we all get accused of lying and it seems like you and ___ have a problem with that with each other.  (…. no, we didn’t… >_>) I don’t know you, but what I read seemed very rude to ____.  So maybe when I can see that you talk and can do it without being short or rude with her and rubbing this “oh gotta go, filming ugh” bs. by saying that it’s so childish I can’t even begin to tell you how childish, and if this is how you present yourself then you will never amount to jack.  You have a lot to learn and trust me ___ could teach you a LOT!” I explained to her that I was not being rude to said third party (again, she told me that I wasn’t being rude to her) and that we were exchanging words and questions and that I DID have to film and that at this point I was behind on what I was meant to be doing (so I basically got off) having noticed the time even though about all that I had left to do was some make up. Her last words to me were, ” Good for you, what porn are you in…” I tried to reply through my phone later on only to find out that she had blocked me. THAT’S maturity right there.


For the record, it wasn’t a porn (lol) and for the record, I’ve only ever slept with one person.

Now, if that wasn’t enough… let’s just say that some words have been exchanged on another forum that have really made me unhappy.

The last thing being that I had been asked to film something for the evening which would have included my husband but he pulled his back and was literally flat on the couch in pain the moment that he came home. There were a few other problems too, but that being the one that was the biggest issue.

Basically, by this point, I was crying, and I said as much to my husband trying to explain the mean lady who started harassing me through messages.

to which he replied to me with a bible verse.

This sent me into a rage, one that I now regret the consequences of (which were really mostly just me growling under my breath and a yell or two).

But regardless, I shouldn’t have reacted that way, I have apologized, but this got me thinking…

Look, I am a Christian and I want you to stop quoting the bible at me. Maybe isn’t not that you are quoting a scripture… maybe it’s because in the midst of my tears or agony you don’t realize how much your tone means to me and dismissively (with a hint of bitterness and exasperation) quoting a bible verse at me instead of showing compassion doesn’t cut it for making me feel any kind of better.

I remember one time an atheist who I highly admire said to me, “I won’t say ‘can I pray for you’, I’ll ask ‘what can I do’ ?” Funnily for the most part, I agree with this. It actually makes me a bit upset that as Christians, our way of dealing with people’s problems and situations is to either say “I’ll pray for you” or to quote some random scripture.

Who knows… maybe this is what Christ would do too… wait… no, the bible says that He will comfort those who mourn… and I highly doubt that He’d do it in the tone that we generally take when dealing with such issues.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just saying words into the breeze, but I honestly believe that we as Christians need to figure out a different way of dealing with people’s hurts, frustrations and issues. Yes, the bible is good for healing, study, etc… but often when a person has gotten to a point where they’re yelling, crying, sobbing, or irrational, quoting a bible verse is not going to calm them down.

Just a thought.


6 thoughts on “I’m a Christian, and I want you to stop throwing bible verses at me…

  1. As for the lady. Saying you are better then someone and then degrading someone is not that act of a Christian in my eyes. We are to be humble and a servant to others. Especially those in need. She needs to rethink her faith and understand of what it is to truly be a child of God.
    As for your husband. true he was in pan, but being a husband it was time for him to hug and comfort you, even though he was in pain.
    Grow from this moment. Not due to what the woman accused you of, but for what is truly required by those who choose to follow God.
    My best recommendation is to tell you friend to tell the woman that you forgive her of her sins not only against you, but against God.
    As for your husband. Kiss him and tell him that he hurt you, but that you forgive him as well.

    • I don’t believe that she is a Christian. I don’t believe that either of them are. That’s okay, we were just talking. I definitely lost it and had to apologize to my husband later. Things just got out of hand, that’s all.

  2. I’m sorry Laurie was so awful to you. That was completely out of line. Somehow she thought I was under attack and needed protection when nothing could be further from the truth! We were just having a discussion. This isn’t the first time it’s happened either, though it is the first time with Laurie. Other friends as well have jumped in to “protect” me when I was just in the midst of a discussion with someone else and in no need of protection.

    I have no idea why I’m having this crazy affect on people. It’s dissastrous to any discussion when someone, even a bystander, ends up going off the deep end, reeling in misperceived insult. Do I strike you as a weak person that needs protecting? Well I’m not. I’m actually quite strong.

    I enjoyed was enjoying our conversation up until Laurie went ballistic. Maybe it’s due to her PTSD. She survived some awful experiences over in Iran and several years later is still feeling the physical and psychological affects of that. I hope you will not take her attacks too much to heart and find a way to forgive her.

    So so sorry she did that to you!


    • But you know what? That’s what friends are for… I wish that in my life, a few MORE friends would have stood up for me when people were REALLY beating me down. It shows me that she cares for you even if she was wrong. 🙂 And that’s a good thing,

  3. LKJ, I do apologize and would like you and your readers to know that I was totally out of line that day. It was one of those difficult days; psychologically and physically (pain) and I was taking it out on anyone around. That and I feel particularly protective of Debra. We both have went through hell in Iran and she did my book cover so she holds a special place in my heart. I thought or misinterpreted that you were attacking her or being rude and disrespectful of her. Again after going back over everything I realize the anger was not towards you and I do apologize. You seem like a nice girl and I would like to start over. Thank you, Lori

    • I would like you to know that I absolutely forgive you. I think we had both had trying days. Yours sounds like it was a LOT worse than mine, and I think we can definitely go from here! 🙂

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