You’re too fat… OMG!!! YOU’RE TOO SKINNY!!!

I’m “weighing in” a little here because I have just spotted a topic on facebook that honestly just ticks me off a little bit.

It’s the “biggest loser” fiasco regarding Rachel Frederickson and the infamous “season fifteen” (Which, I’m going to warn you, I did not see.)

From what I can tell, Jillian Michaels has declared that she is “leaving the show” due to “what happened with Rachel” in regards to the reveal that formerly 260 pound Rachel Frederickson lost a total of 155 lbs, meaning that she now only weighed 105lbs. I checked, Rachel is 5’4, which for the record is almost exactly as tall as I am.


This actually enrages me and let me tell you why…

Jillian of ALL people should know that people who spend MOST of their lives big, feeling worthless, feeling inadequate, and feeling as though they can’t do anything about this “giant” curse over their heads want nothing more than to look in the mirror one day and magically realize, “Hey… I weigh 100 pounds today…”

Seriously… we’re fed it every single day… the girls in movies, TV, on the news, they’re all TWIGS… yes, occasionally, we see some girl who is OBVIOUSLY too thin, but for the most part, the girls in entertainment seem to weigh little more than 110 at the MOST. When you look at a woman on the screen and then realize that the camera magically “adds 10 lbs”, you realize that people in entertainment are really freaking thin.


Now, why is what we think a problem? Because it’s perpetuates this ridiculous idea that we’ve gotten into as a society regarding weight in general. If you’re overweight, then you’re fat… lose weight… but don’t lose TOO MUCH weight, then you’re thin and you’re no better… Recently, (well, a few years ago) Demi Lovato was slammed first for being too big… then she was equally SLAMMED for being too thin.

Can I ask the question that everyone should be asking? “WHO THE FU** CARES?!?!”

How do I put this gently… don’t tell people that they need to lose weight and then get all crazy over them losing what is apparently “too much” weight…

I know that I wake up days praying that I’ll magically step on the scale and find that I weight 100lbs. I’d settle EASY PEASY for 105LBS.
Maybe I’ve totally lost my mind, but Rachel honestly does NOT look anorexic to me. I understand that her ARMS look a bit thin, but the rest of her doesn’t look twiggy, just thin.

Jillian disappoints me because she has literally made her job on that show about screaming in the faces of fat people because of how fat they are… “SLAY THE FATTTTTTTTTT!!!!” ….. well, I’d say that someone who has lost 155 pounds and has a BMI of 18 has probably “slain the fat”… wouldn’t you?


Let’s all also not forget one VERY important thing… there was a LOT of money hanging in the balance… I don’t know about anyone else, but if it meant that I could be thin AND get a few hundred thousand, I’d eat chicken broth for a MONTH to make sure that I was ABSOLUTELY the lowest weighing person there.

She gained twenty pounds back AFTER the fact, but honestly? I don’t think that she needed to. If she was okay with her weight being 105, then FINE! Who is anyone to judge?

Look, I’m not advocating anorexia here, what I’m saying is that big people want to be thin… WAY thin… and I don’t know why everyone freaks out when someone who’s REALLY big gets REALLY skinny. What business is it of anyone else’s how skinny is too skinny?

Let’s be clear… YES, if a person is obviously not eating then that’s a problem. YES, if a person is sickly or harming themselves or throwing up to be “thin” then that’s a problem. But why is it wrong for a person to be REALLY thin?

My little sister is 5’7 (Rachel is 5’4) and naturally weighs 103-105lbs… NATURALLY. She doesn’t look “too thin” in fact, she’s like a size 3/5. I know that that varies and Rachel was probably a 0-2, but again, so what? If she’s happy with it, and she’s not hurting herself why do we (as a society) take an issue with “too fat” “now too thin”…

Just something to think about. I think the point is that if you’re going to be a show that screams “LOSE WEIGHT” don’t leave when someone loses a crap ton of weight! Especially since that’s what these people all dream about- losing weight.

We as a culture just screw with people’s heads when we tell them too fat, too skinny, etc. PLUS, we are putting WAY too much stock into someone’s “weight” when what should matter is are they healthy? But even more so, are they kind? Compassionate? Understanding? Beautiful in other ways? Let’s stop with the too skinny too fat thing… let’s focus on someone’s qualities.

Some OTHER shocking BL transformations-

Rachel rachel1 rachel2 Rachel3

Just so we’re clear, I checked as well… Rachel’s BMI was 18 when she weighed in at 105, which is only SLIGHTLY lower than the average which is 18.5 – 24.9



3 thoughts on “You’re too fat… OMG!!! YOU’RE TOO SKINNY!!!

  1. I’d be more worried about how she lost the weight than how much she weighs. The BMI scale isn’t very accurate. I was underweight according to the BMI for a very long time and it was only when I got to my mid-20’s that my weight became normal. I can’t help but wonder if she’ll be able to keep the weight off in everyday life and, more importantly, if she can’t, what psychological impact it will have on her as she gains weight.

    • I might have said this in the blog but she has since gained back 20 lbs…

      Personally? I don’t really care how she lost the weight. I am an obese woman and I know from research and being on diets for MOST of my life that people seem to lose weight in different ways. Yes, it’s all the same “eat right and exercise” but, more and more I see that “eat right” is different for one person and “exercise” can be something TOTALLY different for another.

      I don’t think it’s okay if she was making herself sick or something to vomit food up, but I don’t particularly think that it’s an issue that she lost that much weight for this show.

      • Health wise, losing too much weight too fast isn’t healthy. It can cause internal damage. You’re also more likely to gain the weight back. It’s recommended that you lose 1-2 pounds per week and no more. That’s why I’m worried about how she lost the weight. You’re right: different people lose weight differently. We aren’t all the same. If somebody I knew wanted to lose weight, I’d simply recommend eating healthy and cutting portion size, then adding some moderate activity. Portion size is really the biggest factor.
        My mom has been fighting to lose weight for most of my life, but, while the BMI tells her she’s obese, she’s a very active person. I wish she’d stop trying to lose weight with diets that don’t help and just focus on being healthy.

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