WHA WHA WHA, no one likes me anymore…

Uh oh, two posts in like 48 hours… What’s happening to me?!?!?


I’m a crafter. I make and sell handmade jewelry https://www.etsy.com/people/Lisaslittleluxuries?ref=si_pr

So, I understand some of the up’s and downs that comes with business and how it works and how difficult it is and how hard criticism can be and so on.

But, let me give you a little tippy whippy (being obnoxious on purpose)

IF you are the kind of crafter who has created your own item that is (oooooooooooooh let’s say) a cute little stuffed kitty bear or something. Like, an entire line of them and you’re selling them for 50-100$ a piece and people are CONSTANTLY buying them from you, then you COMPLETELY change your design, don’t be shocked, surprised and lose your pee because someone doesn’t like your new work.

About a year ago now, I ran into a person who had the most adorable plush animals on the planet (her own design). My hope and prayer was to save up the money to purchase one of these little critters because honestly? They just made me happy. In hind sight, buying one was probably a silly and irresponsible thing to do so maybe I’m glad that I didn’t do it, but in any case, I admired them and dreamed of one day owning one.

Her ways of doing things were confusing at best. She announced that her new line of kitty bears was “here” (link provided) and that you could by the extras in the pictures too (there were no extras in these photos) and upon questioning her about this she didn’t answer me.

Now, because these things were so gosh darn adorable, for QUITE some time now she’d SOLD like a ton of them. This was her work… Then not two minutes after I find her online she says that she’s ill and can no longer make these adorable items… (Dreams crushed…) I put up with the whole thing having compassion and sympathy for her and her situation (which she was never terribly clear about) and held on hoping to get one of her adorable kitty bears someday.

Well, about six months later (Who knows why) she suddenly was able to “make them” again. HURRAY! Maybe I can buy one someday again. In fact, she has a contest and has everyone favorite her on facebook. Whoever got the most people to like her shop got a free kitty bear. I was so excited. So, I played along…

Only to discover that about two months later, she announces that she’s changing the pattern again. … fine… let’s see it… O_O GADDZUKS WHAT THE TURD IS THAT THING!?!?!

These once adorable kitty bear things now looked nothing short of “overly made/ flashy” and totally “alienic” (A – lee – on – ic) … they were just ODD… I admit that after looking at them for weeks now, they’re not QUITE so odd, but they’re certainly not something that I would spend money on.

This wasn’t as upsetting as the fact that I stated my opinion and said that I liked the other design better. I also stated that I felt these ones look more like aliens than the others. Someone argued with me, and I quickly stated that I didn’t agree and left it at that.

Not two days later, she released a journal update whining and stating, “Don’t tell me that you don’t like the new designs… that stays with me all day long…” I was a bit miffed by this.

WHy!? I’mma tell you WHY…


There was nothing wrong with it from the start! They were adorable!

I understand, I get it… it’s her creation and she can do whatever she wants with it. But, if you’re GOING to change something that was already so beloved, don’t expect that some people will not like it. The entire reason that you had a customer base to begin with is because they wanted WHAT YOU HAD…unchanged… as is… It’s like when you get used to eating at your favorite restaurant eating a specific meal and then return one day to realize (when you order it) that the recipe is entirely changed and it is no longer good.

It made me upset that she was “upset” by someone stating that they didn’t like the new design compared to the old one. I’m sure I’m overreacting but I think the point still remains…

IF you’re going to make something with a fan base don’t completely overhaul it and expect all of your fans to still love you… maybe offer both? I don’t know what the answer is…

OH yeah… and if that wasn’t enough… the girl like… up and disappeared again. She’s back AGAIN… I don’t know. Problems.


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