If one more person/page tells me to “wake up” I might just lose my cool

Conspiracy theorists, people reporting “news”, weirdos wearing masks… sometimes the world is upside down with things flying at you from all angles.


The list goes on and on and on and on…

I have no issues watching these sites. Honestly, I’m bombarded with probably ninety articles a day about some crazy thing happening in the world (and we all know… somewhere… in the world… there is SHEER pandemonium).

Just like any person, I believe a few of the things going on might be issues. If not now, certainly they might be in the near future.

But, it seems that those who see, believe, or think that certain things are going on have taken to posting thing after thing titling things like “WAKE UP!!!” “WAKE UP AMERICA!!!” “STOP SLEEPING SHEEPLE!” and this fad is honestly driving me close to insane.

Here is the problem with telling people that they need to “wake up” …

Firstly, different people will care about different things.

While I understand (for instance) that there are tons of NON-violent Muslims in the world (I know some who are peaceful and wonderful), I care a LOT about violent Muslim extremists. I care about that more than Ebola…

However, someone next to me probably cares more about Ebola or Russia or (heck) Kim Jong Il more than Muslim extremists.

Even our government has shown us this repeatedly. We the people care about certain things that they go, “eh…” to, and they pick up a flag somewhere else.

But let’s say for the sake of argument that there are (who knows)… fifty thousand people who REALLY REALLY care about Ebola… Or Terrorism…

What are WE (all fifty thousand of us) supposed to do about it? To repeatedly tell us to “wake up” is silly. Several of us are “already awake” in one issue or another… But, many of us don’t know each other, have no plans… or have too MANY plans / ideas/ thoughts on what to do about certain issues worldwide.

Repeatedly telling people to “wake up” is like yelling at a flock of sheep to “please pick up your poop…” It’s absolutely meaningless with a plan of action, talking, talking, talking, and someone with some sort of INFLUENCE leading the brigade…

If I show up on the doorstep of the white house and say, “Erm, yes… sir… I’m really really worried about Terrorism” … they’ll smile nod, and shoo me away.

No one is going to take things seriously until there is a massive group of people with the same idea, agenda, etc all communicating, all getting together, and all being led by one person (we all know that even if people have the same concerns, everyone’s ways of going about it will probably blow up into their own mini wars without leadership).

So seriously… stop telling me to “wake up”. Start telling me what to actually do about it, or send me to a place where plans can be made.


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