Robin Williams died because he didn’t have God in his heart…

I’ve seen this a few times in the last few tragic hours since hearing the news about Robin Williams alleged suicide and I have to say… GREAT timing…

No, actually, this post is about how ridiculous that timing is.

I think we need to ask ourselves (as believers) “What would Jesus do…” And correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think it was/is to say, “That person died… he really should have believed in Moi…” Jesus might FEEL that. But Jesus also knew that the timing was off… a lot… When a person dies, it sort of too late, and in that time, the only thing that a family needs/ wants is comfort.

Christians don’t seem to understand this from right to left and where I’m looking.

I recall this time many years ago when someone was talking about the Holocaust and an acquaintance at the time said something to the effect of, “But, they need to know Jesus or it doesn’t matter…” O_o !!! What was the point? To try and make others see how correct you are? Because all it really did was rile people up and make them think “How insensitive!” … because it IS insensitive!

We believe because we love Christ. We don’t believe so that when someone dies we can go, “Welp, too bad they weren’t a Christian, they’re burning in hell now…” – that’s just wrong regardless of how we believe.

We need to be understanding, loving, compassionate, and even mourn with them. Otherwise this whole thing is just backward. O_o


The only things that we need to be saying about Robin Williams death right now is that it is tragic and that he was a light in this world to make us laugh. And another other compassionate things on our minds.

We also need to treat the family and friends with love and respect.

Side note – I know that I brought up the whole depression Via Matt Walsh thing on facebook, but I did so because I suffer from depression and I honestly like to discuss it.

It wasn’t a stab at Robin, or his friends/ family. It was to talk in seriousness about depression and suicide.


2 thoughts on “Robin Williams died because he didn’t have God in his heart…

  1. Wrong. He died because he was deeply depressed. I am christian, have always had faith, and I too found myself in that place. You can have God in your heart and still be depressed. Too many people don’t actually understand it or how immensely painful it can be. So no, it does NOT mean that he did not have God in his heart. I don’t condone suicide, but it was clearly the only way he felt he could make the pain stop, and I absolutely understand feeling that way. Sometimes they don’t manage to find what will save them before it’s too late. Prayers for his family and friends!!

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