Quiz, do you have ebola?

You’ve probably seen the quiz on facebook, or tumblr, or any one of several social media outlets.

Just like much of what is being done to dumb down the ISIS threat or the fact that a few people have had their heads chopped off HERE in America despite everyone grinning, smiling and pushing stories like that back to page fifteen of the local news paper.

Why? Because fear creates panic, and panic isn’t easy to control.

If we all smile and nod and say, “Oh sure… this ship will never sink. Hell, God HIMSELF could not sink this ship!” then the ship ain’t gonna sink, is it?

Ask the survivors of the Titanic and they’ll probably tell you a different story.

It seems like we all know the little phrase, “Pride comes before the fall.” And yet, we all act as if here in America JUST because we keep Ebola under a lock and key somewhere in the CDC that means that it could NEVER EVER get out in America and cause an epidemic. BUAHAHA.

We’re HOOOMAN… We’re the SMARTS… We are more the smarts than GOD HIMSELF even! HA!

Mostly though, I think that things like this are meant to just try and chill our fears. And it works… why? Because it’s so simple!

This quiz asks “Hey man, have you come into contact or touched the blood, vomit, sweat, urine, feces, or saliva of someone who has ebola? NO!? CONGRATULATIONS! YOU DON’T HAVE EBOLA!!!!!!” And we all throw confetti because it’s that easy right?!

Wait… no… ho’ up… Last I checked… we didn’t all walk around with science equipment and analyze everyone’s spit before we touched it… and actually, wait. How do we even know where spit is? Let’s face it, a lot of people spit. Let’s face it, a lot of people SNEEZE… heck, I sneeze sometimes like four times in a day. In the process of writing that last sentence, I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and some moisture was left behind. Now I’m typing on my keyboard with the hand that I wiped my mouth with… now my husband is going to sit down and type on that same keyboard to check something out. Now he’s going back to sit down and eat some chips. Now he’s licking his fingers… annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd the rest is a made for TV movie about bombing small towns and looking at microscopes a lot.

The problem is that we (the American people) are not stupid and if we ARE, it’s because we want to be, because we want to not be afraid. (I get that)… but understand something… I’m NOT afraid. I don’t go to bed at night staying up at night about ebola.

Ebola doesn’t scare me as much as the “underwhelm” about ebola. Like, “Ho hum… Ebola is just like a cold or something. Like… just washer your hands HEHEHEHEHE…” Yup. We all know that handwashing works REAL well. Heck, we’ve practically eradicated the common cold! Hell, No one gets sick anymore…

Wait… no… that’s now how that works.

The fact is this… one guy with ebola gets on a plane full of sixty people… NO ONE (including the sick) knows that he has ebola. It’s hot. He sweats. He wipes his face and shakes it off his fingers. It lands various places. It lands in someone’s coke. That person doesn’t know. He goes to the bathroom, he accidentally dribbles on the seat. Someone knocks on the door. It’s a woman. He cleans it up quick, but she still comes in and sits down. She recently shaved her legs and there are small open areas. She goes back to her chair afterwards. The sick moves down the aisle and sneezes. He wasn’t quick enough to cover his sneeze.

The plane lands… everyone gets off different places, goes to different cities, a few get on a new plane.

See… I’m not stupid, and you’re not stupid. We know how germs work, how they spread and how we get sick. You CAN’T contain your fluids, etc in a space full of people. That’s just how humans are. They’re gross. They don’t bleach their path and clean behind them as they walk. When they sneeze, they don’t immediately rush to the bathroom and run their hands under 200 degree water. And even if they did, now the facet is contaminated.

Do you KNOW who you got your last cold from? Or who your spouse or child got it from. How often do we say, “I THINK that that person had it…” or “I have no idea how I got this…” ??? Yeah… that’s what I thought.

Did you come into contact with anyone who had the flu this week? Or the cold? Wait… YOU DON’T KNOW!? My guess? You don’t know if you were in contact with someone with ebola either… and you also don’t know if they sneezed or coughed, or sweat, or dribbled or…


One thought on “Quiz, do you have ebola?

  1. THANK YOU. I’m so tired of the condescending attitudes about legitimate fears concerning Ebola. As someone with a shitty immune system, I know how easy it is to spread germs and how easy it is to get them no matter how careful you are. It’s totally possible to have touched the bodily fluids of someone with Ebola and no one would know it until too late.

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