I Wish that I could explain…

But I can’t.

Not until much further in the future.

This is what I can say…

Nothing has happened yet and I have cried enough tears to fill a few jars.

Part of me is at peace.

Part of me is destroyed.

Part of me wonders why.

Part of me knows.

And part of me is just hoping that I can put myself back together after the fact and that everyone will help me.

What I know is that time will not heal a wound, but time WILL fill it..

That love will not BLIND me to the wounds, but that love might aid in the healing and fill me once again with joy, and that intimacy and relationship with Christ will be my guiding force when I’m blind and stumbling…

God, continue to guide me down this difficult road, even if I’m hearing/ understanding wrong, guide me.


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