Yes, there will be immorality this weekend at the box office. But, it won’t be because of 50 Shades of Grey.

If I seriously have to see another “anti fifty shades of Grey” poster, I think I’m going to hurl chunks… of flaming, acidy monkies… with tomahawks…

It’s everywhere! It’s all that we can talk about! It’s … totally cray, okay? Everything from posters, to proTESTers, to jokes, to merch, to movie tickets going through the roof ALREADY… It’s about as close to hysteria without actually being…hysterical. 😉

The more Christian side of the universe is hurling chunks of flaming acidy monkies with tomahawks left and right. If you’ve been on facebook any time in the last three weeks you’ve been utterly ASSAILED with article after article after BLOODY ARTICLE about “how inappropriate” fifty shades of Grey is…and how “it brainwashes young women” and how it “doesn’t represent Christ” and how it’s “useless garbage,” and how Christian is “abusive” and on and on and on and on to the point where (if you’re anything like ME,) you might feel like your head is going to pop off at any moment now, grow legs and run down the street screaming “hellfire and damnation, we GETITALREADY!!!”

Look, I’m not here to defend ol’ fiddy…

But, I WOULD like to step out of my box and state a few things that seem to be going RIGHT over everyone else’s heads.

The first thing is that many of these people who are posting these articles have never actually read the books. Sadly… I’ve read them. Or, at least some of them. As a writer, I tend to pick up something from every genre from time to time and at LEAST poke at it. Have I written erotica? Yes. Will you ever see it? No. Have I read some of it? Sure… So, why not take a glance at ol’ fiddy? I mean, come on, it’s one of the top sellers of like… all time or some crap like that…

So, as someone who’s read at least SOME of the material, I feel that I have a bit of a say in the whole thing…

IS Fifty abusive? Yes. To some degree, but it’s not NEARLY to the degree that everyone is making it out to be. (At least not in the first book)…

This is a book about two lost souls who decide that they want to do this thing TOGETHER… Key word being “TOGETHER”… they WANT to have a messed up relationship, and I am pretty much convinced that if she (Ana) at any point ever TRULY put Christian down, then he’d leave her alone. The problem is that she doesn’t want to. Not really. When he “stalks” her or shows up, or whatever, it’s pretty obvious that she WANTS his attention.

But, even if you haven’t heard the side of “Fifty Shades is abusive” – I’m sure that you’ve heard hundreds of other things. Bible verses, and scripture thrown at you left and right.

My guess? The people who have chosen to be involved in it KNOW what it’s about, KNOW that it’s sinful and probably don’t care. I really don’t think that they’re going to change their minds because of some bible verses. They see the whole thing as fantasy, as fun, and as “heck why not” … would I go see something so totally explicit? No.

But, that’s the next point that I want to make…

At the end of last year sometime, my family, some friends of mine, and I went and saw “Fury” … What a movie. I left nearly shaking. I turned to someone at the end and said, “That was INCREDIBLE…” Because it was. Not in the “aweinspiring” sort of way that you might think… just mind blowing and mind NUMBINGLY incredible… In case you didn’t see it… Fury is Rated R… it’s rated R for language (extremely pervasive) and lots and lots and lots of bloody gore and killing. There’s some pre-marital sex in there too, but they didn’t show it, really.

Anyways… you might be seeing where I’m going with this… God calls murder and pre-marital sex a sin too, you know? And if we seriously sat down and thought about it… Isn’t like.. EVERY movie that we watch filled with that stuff?

Look, I’m not here to tell you stop watching movies, or to stop enjoying your favorite cinema. Maybe (like me) sometimes you just skip over certain parts or you just don’t watch them. Or maybe you haven’t been convicted of them yet… who knows?

The point that I’m trying to make is this…

Fifty Shades is nothing new. It REALLY isn’t. Cinema has ALWAYS been filled with pervasive sex, immorality, homosexuality, murder, gore, fantasy, hate, torture, bad relationships and so on…

So why is it that we (as American Christians) have chosen to raise our flag against Fifty Shades of Grey?

Honestly… I think if we REALLY cared, we’d be boycotting a whole heck of a lot more than just ol’ fiddy. And it honestly is a little disturbing to me, and frightening and that I’m seeing SO MUCH backlash against ONE movie as if it’s going to be the end all film when we aren’t fighting pornography as hard, or films that depict rape as hard, or films that depict murder as hard… or how about just ol’ outright lying and cheating? It’s like we’ve gone MAD…

People… there are PLENTY of sexually explicit films out there… tons even… LOADS… MYRIADS even… How come I’m not seeing as much war mongering over Magic Mike XXL? Isn’t that ALSO a sexually explicit film ABOUT male strippers and broken relationships?

You know what? There WILL be immorality this weekend at the box office… but you know what? It won’t be because of fifty shades of grey. It’ll be because we AS A SOCIETY have not fought enough against every other little thing that has crept into our homes and televisions and cinemas. WE are the product ladies and gentlemen. Cinema KNOWS that we will go and see this garbage and how do they know? Because it’s ALREADY IN EVERY SINGLE OTHER FILM THAT THEY’RE RELEASING!!!

I always shake my head when my feed starts getting blown up with things against one thing and yet I have not seen the same people fight other things, and yet, on top of that, I know for a FACT that some of those young people are already addicted to porn, or things WAY worse than anything that’s going to be depicted on the screen this Valentine’s day.

Bottom line?

Fifty is really nothing new…

If you really cared, you’d be fighting every other thing too. (But… let’s be honest, you LIKE all of that other stuff and justify it, so you don’t)

Don’t like it? Don’t go see it. (I’m not) But stop acting as if you’re holier than someone else because your films aren’t as “sexually explicit” when they contain just as much GARBAGE as the next person’s in different ways.

Start praying and warring against much bigger issues.

As a PS or TL;DR… I’m NOT saying that calling this film out on it’s depravity is wrong, or saying to stop doing it. I’m saying THINK about how this film came to be to begin with, and what YOU are addicted to, involved in, viewing on a regular basis, etc…and maybe fight it with as much fervency as you are THIS if you feel that strongly about it. 1


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