Happy Whine Whine Whine Complain-y Whaney Day.

Oh… yes,yes,yes…

It is that TIME OF YEAR…

The time of year where I tell everyone the same crap that I’ve told them FOR years. ^_^ If you don’t want to hear it, then please kindly exit stage left right now- *gestures to glowing sign*

Every year, inevitably, I see a someone, a group of someones or many someones complaining about a similar thing…

What they’re really saying when you examine them more closely is, “I hate the fact that I don’t have someone that I can be immoral with…” or “I resent the fact that everyone has a significant other except myself…”

HO’ UP there people… tug on those reins.

Lemme splain’ a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to you… and before you go saying, “Well, you have a HUSBANDDDDD it’s DIFFERENTTTT” let me tell you that I have ALWAYS felt this way. I felt like it BEFORE I had someone. Yes, I did in fact spend a few Valentine’s days alone even though I dated a lot. Yes, I’ve been there.

The day of love, while marketed as a “lovers” holiday, is NOT (regardless of what you’ve been brainwashed to believe) about sex… it’s NOT about romantic love, either and the only way you’re going to be happy if you’re alone is to UNDERSTAND that.

Today is about rejoicing in LOVE… If there’s someone in your life that you love, then guess what?! You’re already MOST of the way there. A friend? A brother or sister? An aunt who bakes you wonderful pies? A group of church buddies? If you have people, you have love.

If you are single, and you KNOW someone who is single, then get together and have a good night out on the town. Or staying in and watching your favorite film. You don’t HAVE to make it about “romance”… dude, if you love action movies, go for it!

When Christ died on the cross, that was the ultimate “I love you” to all of the world. So, you have love regardless of who you share it with.

If you don’t believe in that… then I encourage you to look into it, but if you refuse, then please please please, share love in any way that you see beautiful with those that you love. And heck YES eat chocolate. ^_^…

I love my readers, I love my friends, and I love you…

Happy Valentine’s Day. ^_^ Now, go make some memories for LOVE…

Here’s a few beautiful cards for you to send- Or, pretend that I sent you one. ^_^ Enjoy!





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