Oh hohohohoho… Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I don’t care if anonymous DIDN’T put this video out, it needed to be said bluntly and well and bluntly and well it WAS said.

Personally? I dislike a LOT of celebrities… but nothing is getting my goat MORE recently that a sad sad few.

Unfortunately, both of them are black 😦 This really isn’t a reflection on the race because honestly? I know amazing black people and quite frankly, I think several of them would outright say that these two prideful jerks don’t speak for them at all.

One of them is Nicki Minaj (who in my opinion isn’t even really that talented and has only risen to the top due to a lot of shock value). She is rude, merciless, hateful, and thinks that all of that equates to “strength”… I can not tell you how many women of color I’ve seen throughout my years who were SO MUCH STRONGER than all of that jazz yet possessed poise, grace, mercy, and kindness even when under stress.


Seriously… stop giving her money. If you NEED to listen to her music, go to youtube.


The other is Kanye freakin’ West.

You might have heard about now that his butt was fired on by a viral video (supposedly anonymous) and let me tell you… it was sweet bliss.

One can ONLY PRAY that Mr. West sees this and takes a good long look in the mirror and considers many of his life choices as of late. There’s nothing that I love MORE than a redemption story.

However, that’s not what I predict (unfortunately)… I predict that West will puff his feathers up in all directions even MORE and write a nasty song about what anonymous did to him and how they’re “jealous” and how Beyonce should win all of the awards… This video will more than likely feature hordes of nude women and lewdness.

Don’t give this man money. If you need to hear his songs, go to youtube.

You can see the video here, however, warning, it’s NSFW… there are brief images of the famous Kardashian photo, and a few brief images of nakedness due to Kanye’s videos, etc. But, listening to it, one can do nothing but CHEER…

IT’s all truth, and let’s hope that Kanye decides that he WANTS Jesus walkin’ with him again.



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