I’ve had an issue for some time now…

It’s slowly become more and more prevalent and I feel that it needs to be addressed.

It’s this whole “tv-rating” system. Specifically “TV-MATURE” …

I remember how growing up, I used to be able to casually flip through the television stations and not have any issues seeing things that I didn’t want to see. Ever since I was about 17 I have carefully chosen what I watch. It’s not that I have a problem with all things mature, it’s that I have a problem with un-necessary “mature themes” … I mostly shy away from things that show excessive gore (except for The Walking Dead, which I generally look away from when it becomes too much and Hannibal- same issue) and things that have gratuitous cussing and nudity. Gratuitous in this particular regard not meaning “over done” – meaning “not at all essential to the plot” …

Look, if Norman Bates could kill a woman in the shower without showing nakedness for more than a split second, and it was still one of the most shocking scenes in cinema history, then I’m convinced that nudity is not ever TRULY essential (except perhaps in films about war/ and the holocaust).

I know, I know, people call me a “prude” or “I don’t understand” or some junk… but, honestly? Acting is acting… When there’s a beheading in a movie, we know it’s fake/ pretend.

However, you can’t “ACT” naked. If you’re naked, you’re naked…and if it’s being done for sexual reasons, that’s just exploitation.

Regardless, plenty of stories/ movies/ shows now days seem to think that over-sexing and “nudity” are an “absolute must” …

I recall there being a time where there were things on television that I couldn’t see… so, simply put, I didn’t watch them. But, they were never so completely off the wall that an accidental glimpse required eye bleach.

However, due to this new phenomena known as “TV rating” – now just about anything goes.

And that, my friends… is the problem.

I don’t know when it happened but at some point in the recent world we began pushing the limits even more so from “nudity” being breast shots and bums for a few moments to being full out pornographic material.

Very few rated R films have as much sexual content with blatant disregard for anything sacred as some of the shows that are TVmature… Now, it seems that every other show has to push the boundary on what is appropriate and what exactly can be shoved into that “tv-mature” rating.

I really believe that this is out of control.

It used to be “stay away from such and such channel…” now it’s “oh, look, Game of Thrones is on… breasts, breasts and more breasts…” and why? Are we not able to carry stories anymore without persistent sexing? If you go and look at the rating on IMDB it’s amazing… it just goes on and on and on…

My point is simply that these shows rely too heavily on nudity, and graphic sex to “shock viewers” and “get ratings” and basically? It’s just porn. The only difference is how “hardcore” it is.

I really don’t get how people can justify watching this type of stuff, but regardless, even if they do (and I’m really not here to judge) – TV – mature is getting wildly out of control… I really just think it needs to all be put on one channel and one channel only and let the rest of the shows with GOOD stories be out and about with minimal junk.



2 thoughts on “TV- MATURE

  1. It’s all very transparent, and yes, not necessary to the telling of the story- unless the story is about sex. This is a choice that every responsible parent needs to make- give the kids a real childhood, or boot them into a status about which they are going to be totally confused.

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