Christian men, (And women)

Christian men, (if you are not a Christian man… please don’t comment on this and rant on me. #1, I’m not talking to you. #2, I won’t post it, and #3, if you read this anyways and felt like something might be off, then you might want to take my advice)

I am going to be blunt, so bear with me…

I would not even CONSIDER dating you if you were a regular watcher of “Game of Thrones”…

If I haven’t lost you yet, then I’m amazed, but again, bear with me.

Maybe, you wouldn’t care that “I” wouldn’t date you. I mean, I’m a middle aged woman who’s married and has several pretty severe health conditions… But, I know several other women (younger, prettier and more SINGLE) who ALSO wouldn’t date you. Or even consider it.

Look, I know that we live in a generation where we’ve experienced harder and harder content on television and in movies since we’ve grown up…

But, unfortunately, that very thing is satan’s plan for our lives with God. His plan is to desensitize us to the evils and sinfulness of this world.

I’m not at all going to say that there isn’t a time or a place for violence or certain story arcs. Lord KNOWS that as a writer, I have often written things that were graphic in nature, or dealt with things like incest or homosexuality, etc.

But, we need to (as Christians) understand the difference between “telling a story” and adding un-necessary dialogue, violence and sex JUST to get ratings or because the world WANTS to see all of that… I’m a pretty much convinced that George R.R. Martin is nothing more than a sick old man based on simply the CONTENT of his stories.

I’ll never forget when my husband began reading GOT… I thought nothing of it because I heard all about it left and right… but one day I picked up the book and to my horror discovered an EXTREMELY crude and vile sex sequence. Understand, there is a difference between a love scene, and something that is just outright graphic and sick We immediately decided that it was time to call it quits on the GOT thing, and honestly, he was about ready to do so himself BEFORE I looked at it.

I feel this way about several OTHER TV shows now days as well, outlining in my blog ” ” how TV mature has become totally and completely out of control. TV mature now show cases MORE graphic sex and sex related things in MANY shows than has been allowed in rated R movies for many many years…


At what point do we say, “Okay, erm… this is porn…”

Because, unfortunately Christian brothers and sisters, that IS what it is… you can say that they call it “TV” or “shows” or you can say that they call it “art”… but it’s none of the above. The intentions behind it are to arouse and cause sinful reactions in you. Hollywood RARELY uses nudity merely to express a situation in which it makes SENSE… it’s done mostly for shock value and to sell tickets because “hey, sex sells, right?” …

It really has very little to do with the content of the STORY, because some of the BEST films ever made before a certain time did NOT often include nudity and graphic sex scenes.

They are becoming common place for our generation and it needs to stop.

How can you tell your son or daughter not to watch porn if you’re busy watching Game of Thrones? Or Orange is the New Black? Or Girls or…

Look, this isn’t even a CHRISTIAN opinion –

I seriously want to ask you to consider what it is that you’re doing with your life regarding this.

Understand that there are some shows that are simply so morally bankrupt that they are not and WILL not help your relationship with God, other people, or your spirit.

I’m not sure that Matt Walsh could have said some of it any better…

so to cap this?

Again… just know… I (nor many many other women) would not even CONSIDER dating you if you watched Game of Thrones.



2 thoughts on “Christian men, (And women)

  1. I find it is unnecessarily grotesque, and the way in which life is disregarded, or ended, is hard to take. Right now, I’m too busy to watch much of anything on TV, least of all, things that send me into a rage, without reason.

  2. I don’t know that much about game of thrones, but if it’s as violent and pornographic as you describe/as I’ve heard–I totally agree. We need to watch what we are putting into our brains media wise.

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