Not all friendships are made to last-

at odds
I believe that God puts us into people’s lives for a time to teach us, to help us to grow, and to hopefully learn some things.
I let a good friend “go” today. Really, I only removed them from my facebook, but via their request I will “leave them alone.”
I think this brings up a topic that I’ve wanted to speak on for a while now… Us in this “facebook world.”
Facespace is NOT real life, guys. When we see one another in person we try to be friendly, sweet, etc regardless of how someone irks us because we know that it’s the right thing to do. It’s what Christ would want. He tells us that if at all possible to live with others in peace.
I always wonder why it is then, that we feel the need to develop a higher air of pridefulness and genuine disdain for others simply because there’s a computer screen between us.
I told everyone when I came to this page that I wanted it to be a “drama free” zone. Disagreements are fine, discussion is great, most people know that I don’t let people go for not thinking the way that I do or feeling the way that I do about a topic unless they’re off the wall batty lol, sadly in this time frame I have decided to say “no more” to drama.
I loathe passive aggressiveness more than I can attest to. If you have something to say, just say it and we will have a discussion about it, if you have a disagreement, perhaps you should consider if that disagreement is worth starting a fight over, or if it’s REALLY that important to point out where you think that person is “wrong” …
We do this FACE TO FACE why can’t we do it on facebook? I know for a fact that it’s taken me years to really “pick my fights” on facebook and decide that it is NOT always necessary for me to “deal myself in” and “express my opinion on why the OP or a good friend is ‘wrong’ ”
I’m STILL guilty of this sometimes. Sometimes I just GOTTA give my two cents, lol.
But I really think that we should think about that… Why do we treat people different on facebook and other social media than we do IRL?
As children of God, I think it’s VERY important to consider our fights VERY carefully. God loves whom He corrects and yet, this does not mean that you OR I are the mouthpiece of “correction”.
Often in the bible, God appointed a SPECIFIC person for a SPECIFIC time to correct others.
I don’t think that we are any different. As my dad has been talking about, we can be REALLY bad messengers of a good message and kill it. We also need to learn to receive the message well regardless of how it was said, but considering all of this, we ALSO need to really weigh whether to deal ourselves in at all.
You can very easily lose someone’s trust, love, friendship, and more by continually needing to deal yourself in as if you are the authority on what is “right”… ESPECIALLY when it comes to things as silly as photos on facebook/ social media.
You might see an issue with a saying or a verse, but the person who posted it might be learning something from God via that post and it might be being used in many different ways.
I encourage everyone (including myself…) do NOT continually deal yourself in on facebook when your opinion might not be warranted or necessary. I don’t believe that God wants that for us, I believe that if something is TRULY needed, then God will tell us and tell us how to approach that person in HIS timing.


Just something to think about.