You MIGHT not like it… but fat people fall in love.

Let me start out by saying I’m NOT a big proprietor of the “fat acceptance” movement.

It’s a bit hard to explain where I stand actually. I BELIEVE in loving your body and loving yourself as you are, but I ALSO believe in wanting to be better and get healthier. I don’t believe that we should say, “Well, I’m fat so that’s that.”

big women

But to anyone who’s ever needed to lose more than (let’s say) 5,10, 15 pounds, you have no idea how EASY you have it when it comes to losing weight. ESPECIALLY if you lose weight easily or even “medium easy” lol.

I’m a BIG girl right now and I don’t “accept it” but I accept me if that makes any sense. Telling myself that I’m a “fat cow that needs to get off of my @$$…” has really never “motivated me” into doing something “about” my issue. All that it’s really done is make me feel depressed (more so than I already feel about the issue). So, I accept myself where I’m at and take ownership that PART of the reason that I’m big is me (big parts of it seem to be medical, genetic, etc… because I can tell you that if you saw what I ate on a regular basis you’d wonder why I was so big)

So now that we’ve got THAT out of the way, I want to talk about something else.

I know it sounds harrrrrrrrrrrrrd to believe, but fat people fall in love.

Fat people fall in love with fat people, and fat people fall in love with skinny people, and fat people fall in love with built people… but perhaps a BETTER way of wording or saying this is that ACTUALLY, those types of people fall in love with FAT PEOPLE…

You might not like it, you might not want it, and you are totally okay with that for yourself. But I will just say right now, don’t look down on someone else for being in love with someone who is “big.”

Shocking, I know. But for some people (regardless of whether they’re also fat, lazy, or a star athlete) don’t care QUITE as much about the looks because they want someone with a good heart, they know that looks will fade anyways, or maybe (the biggest shocker of all) the other person actually LIKES bigger people. I know that sounds crazy, but it is a thing. It’s not a large percentage, but it does occur.

big women2

I bring this up because there seems to be a big stigma in today’s day and age regarding this phenomena. Couples (that we see in media, magazines, etc) are always “thin and beautiful” and I think it becomes “cringy” when we see a fat person with a thin or fit person.

I’m not going to say “who” because I don’t want to call them out, but I was with some a bit ago now who (when we were watching a movie with a big person and they kissed a non-big person) they went, “Ugh!” In a totally disgusted fashion. I sat and wondered why the outburst. I’m big. My husband is skinny, said person sees us kiss… >_>

Look, it might not be your thing (totally understandable) but big people fall in love, get married, have a life that is sometimes active AND healthy despite being big, and are often just fine.

All I’m really trying to say is that big people fall in love.

big women1.jpg
PS… I just realized all the photos were women. APOLOGIESSS!!! This applies to men too! In fact, more so than women it seems.


2 thoughts on “You MIGHT not like it… but fat people fall in love.

  1. Everyone deserves to have a loving person in their life. I know a “woman of size”, who is married to a buff guy, and she has lost a significant amount of weight, through persistent workouts. Name-calling and shaming don’t work, for anyone. We, her friends, have encouraged her, every step of the way, and it has made all the difference.

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