The Greatest Moment in Cinematic History

If I really had to narrow it down, it’d be difficult. But I know what it’d be.

I know some people have “issues” with Christian movies and certainly, some Christian movies are just there to make a profit. Sometimes they have very little heft behind them by the way of story line, meaning, and true inspiration.

But I like some of them, and I’m not one of those people who gets nuts if they’re not “100 percent biblically accurate.”

For this reason, I am TERRIBLY grateful to my mother and father for starting me early in life watching an amazing cinematic masterpiece even by today’s standards called “Ben Hur” …

God help me

If you have never seen this before, I suggest that you find a way to watch it especially if you’re the kind of person who gets something out of movies when you watch them and you’re looking for what is (quite possibly) one of the most amazing stories ever created/ told.

Ben Hur (for those of you who don’t know, skip ahead if you know the movie) – is about a Jewish man during the time of Christ. It’s not a true story, but that is (perhaps) why it is so relate able.

The  author assumes what it would have been like to be a person living during the time of Christ and what might have been happening during that period. Judah Ben Hur could have been any of us.

In a stunning twist, the director chose to never (not once) show the face of of the man portraying Christ and instead show the actions and reactions of those around him. Giving us an up close and personal view of how we see Christ NOW. We don’t need to see His face to be affected by Him, we know who He is by His voice and His presence.

The scene (which I think hits the home run for me) takes place about halfway through the film (a bit under). Judah Ben Hur has been captured and falsely accused of severely injuring man, worse, a Roman, even worse, by his BEST CHILDHOOD FRIEND. And as a result, he is sent into slavery.

As if things couldn’t get any worse for him, apparently Messala (the ex friend) has told the guards forcing him and many other men to walk through the dusty, rocky desert (some bleeding and without shoes) to treat Ben as horribly as possible.

When they break for water, the Roman guard refuses to give water to Ben Hur, leaving him broken, beaten and near death… He falls to the ground in agony and torment and cries, “God… help me…”

And then (in what’s perhaps the most amazing moment in cinematic history…) God is there…

God help me1

Watch below –
(Notice even the Roman’s face as he goes to whip Jesus, and then sees Him. He knows that he can’t whip Him, and doesn’t even realize why- it’s absolutely incredible) What’s amazing is the calm… the breath… there’s this moment before Christ appears. Then He’s just … “there”

This scene is equally amazing because of how it comes into play towards the end of the film.

Seriously, if you have NOT seen it, see it.


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