I don’t hate Muslims

In light of recent events (And I’m specifically speaking about the absolute TRAGEDY and horror of Saturday and the events at Pulse with the many wounded and dead of the LGBT community, God bless you all).

A LOT has happened both on the internet and on Facebook that has caused a massive stir.

People are (understandably) UPSET. Innocent people died who’s only crime was “loving who they wanted to love.” and “going for a fun night at their favorite gay club”… truly, truly, truly a sad day.

I have barely (myself) had time to process the whole thing because my birthday was last week, I have been planning on going on a small trip myself, and I have been TERRIBLY sick the last few days. But the more that I think about it, the more it makes my blood boil.

Being a conservative Christian does NOT make it any “easier” on me. I don’t have ANY sense of “told you so” or “they deserved that” … in fact, all that I have is grief. Grief for the victims. Grief for families. Grief for the LIFE LOST to pure and utter ignorance, homophobia annnnnd, (yes) Islam.

I keep posting things about Islam and against Islam on my facebook but the problem is that it continues to fall on deaf ears and people who ignorantly do NOT wish to believe, see, or consider. To me, this is fear. Fear that questioning a growing (rapidly) ideology or putting it under scrutiny = racism or Islamophobia.

I wish that I could be 100 percent clear to these people who believe that I am ignorant, racist, or hateful.

I do not hate Muslims. I live in an area where if I go out in public, I see 3-4 Muslim or Muslim families every day. I smile at them, wave, nod and feel no sense of “terror” that they might “do something to me.”

A few weeks ago, I saw a Muslim family on the street, asking for money. I pulled right up alongside them, handed them a few dollars (what I had), took his hand said, “God bless you.” I DO NOT HATE Muslims. I did this a few years ago too, when a poor Muslim woman and her son were out on the streets near my home. My compassion for them was NO less because they were Muslim. I used to get my favorite meal from a Muslim restaurant in which the Koran was quoted right above the man who took my money. ^_^

I believe that their religion and the dedication that they have to it is rich in a lot of history and that there are MANY MANY MANY Muslims who are great people. Look at Malala, the beautiful Muslim girl who stands up for women, education and freedom of belief, and strength. Look at the video (I tried to find the link, but can not) of the Muslim woman and Jewish man speaking in the airport in which she blatantly states that she believes in one God, but that she also believes that EVERYONE should have the right to believe what they want and worship as they see fit! 😀 Or the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim men who are living together to go to college in PEACE! AND they are friends! 😀

muslim family
This is beautiful. We all (Christians, Muslims and Jews) believe in ONLY one way/ one God… AND YET! We can live together, love together, and exist together. ^_^ I have sat down to pray for Muslims when they needed it, asked for it, whatever. I have also tried my best to help any of them in progressive ways. I actually purchased my wedding dress from a Muslim family. ^_^

NOW… let’s get to my “hate” … (so to speak) …

I think that America is in a time frame where we need to understand a few things…

The first of which is that everyone is absolutely terrified. Whether we like it or not, we are terrified. That terror might express itself in different ways, but it is terror whether you’re like me and you post things that are anti Islamic, or you don’t speak out because you’re afraid, or you simply parrot the liberal side every time a bunch of innocent people die and quickly rush to defend Islam and say, “NAMALT” (Not all Muslims are like that)…

I think that we really need to ask ourselves what the problem is when SEVERAL members of the LBGT movement are SLAUGHTERED by a terrorist and the FIRST thing we do is rush to defend Islam.

We live in a time where everyone is EXTREMELY ready to defend, protect, and pet Islam after massive acts of terrorism, but society holds Christianity in ETERNAL contempt over not baking a wedding cake, and / or leaving a bad tip.

Society is WILLING to conflate the WBBC with Christianity (What… 40 people? Maybe?) Who are a CULT (they really have nothing to do with Christianity) and hold them up as a standard of radical Christianity then they are to scrutinize THOUSANDS of Islamic terrorists and conflate terrorism with Islam…

Something… is… wrong…

If we were talking about something else, anyone with a brain would see a massive societal brainwashing here. Brainwashing or FEAR… one or the other. Otherwise, it absolutely makes no sense.

It’s obvious by the political and societal climate against Christians that if “Christians” had members who walked into a bar and shot up 50 + homosexuals that the entire NATION would be crying for laws against us, laws keeping us out of their “spaces” … etc etc. Maybe imprisonment, etc…

The “hate” against people who wouldn’t bake a wedding cake (when if you actually read the report and the ruling, you’ll see there was a LOT more to it than that) is palpable, while the “hate” against terrorism, which continues to hurt, maim, and kill innocent people is a shrug and a “NAMALT.”

Oh sure, since THIS time, the attack was against LBGT people there’s a BIT more of a stir… but it gets me wondering… It really does…

At what point is it okay for us to question an ideology?

It’s LITERALLY fact that you can research for yourself that over 28, 000 TERRORIST attacks have occurred world wide SINCE 9/11, all Islamic, almost all heard shouting “Allahu Akbar” and all killing tens, hundreds, and THOUSANDS of innocent people who had no war and/ or vendetta against Islam. They got up, went out, and didn’t know that that day wold be the day that they breathed their last.

No religion in the HISTORY of the world and CERTAINLY not the modern world has bred terrorism like Islam… and at some point, the world has to ask… why? And then we have to begin to ask “What can be done about it?”

If we’re going to conflate “all gun owners” as being “bad people who want to shoot everyone up” … why are we not even allowed to CONSIDER the possibility that Islam breeds terrorists?

If you’re even a LITTLE up to date, all you know is what’s going on HERE… in AMERICA… You don’t even know about the literally HUNDREDS of Jewish, Christian and innocent Muslims who are killed by OTHER Muslims in the Middle east.

So we have to ask… why does Islam breed extremists? If you’re not allowed to ask that question, or you can’t admit to it, or seek it out… maybe it’s time to ask “WHY”?

I ask that God bless, PROTECT (as the most important part) and provide us with more people like Raheel Raza… an ISLAMIC woman who is willing to not only admit that Islam is Extreme, but points out HOW… (In this video)  https://youtu.be/pSPvnFDDQHk

And people like Brigette Gabriel, responsible for THIS speech-

NOT because I want Muslims who are innocent thrown in JAIL, NOT because I want to send all Muslims “back where they came from” but because until the AMERICAN POPULATION and the government REALIZES that there is a problem with Islam the same way that (as she said) there was a problem with the nazis (which no one saw that early on either) we can do ANYTHING to protect the American people or the world from terrorism because we are too busy trying to defend the “peaceful majority” when we are not TALKING about the peaceful majority, and we do not conflate the obvious and that is that Islam BREEDS TERRORISTS unlike any other religion the world has ever seen.

As the last sticking point…

I see a lot of people talking and saying things like, “We just need to stop hatred” “We just need more LOVE…”

Well, firstly, the REAL and TRUE love is Christ’s because He is truth and is the only one who laid down His life WILLINGLY for all of humanity no matter what they did… (something that none of us could ever do ) And secondly, love does NOT STOP terrorism. It might if you are able to be in the presence of a terrorist and change their mindset… but in every situation where that was attempted, almost ALL of that failed know why? Because terrorists are not interested in negotiating, they’re not interested in “love” or “tolerance” they only want one thing and that is to die for their “belief” … and their “belief” is actually quite sick when you dig a little further in. (77 virgins with constant arousal and always hardened nipples, etc…) This isn’t even SAYING anything about the fact that MOST of the Islamic faith is not “radical” but still believes extreme things (like Raheel Raza points out). Like that they have sexual rights over non-muslim women, etc… which has caused the MASS rape and terror issues in other countries including the “game” in which fifty or so muslim men sexually attack ONE woman so that no one else can even fight to get to her.

So, LOVE is not what these people are after.


PS… I have not watched this yet, but Milo Yianopoulos ( A GAY MAN ) speaking out