I’m Sorry that Alton Sterling Died…

You guessed it, there is a “major BUT” coming.


He might have had it coming.

Before you go ape on me and start throwing the racism card left and right and saying that I wasn’t there, I didn’t know, etc etc…

Please understand something… Whenever a black man is killed by police who happen to be white, this nation goes into a tizzy. The BLM people go nuts, riots happen in the streets, people start crying because the “law” has failed them and every single time, it seems that NO ONE does any research into the matter.

Meanwhile, as the courts find the police not guilty, suddenly all of facebook, social media, and the internet cry, want to punch things, and talk about how the “justice system failed them” … “racism is still alive” they say. “MICHAEL BROWN!” they remind, etc etc etc.

<sigh> And I never know where to begin with this…

It’s such a delicate topic because as I have tried to state several times now on mass media, the MEDIA loves to make every time a black man dies about “race” … HE WAS KILLED BECAUSE HE WAS BLACK!!! #BLACKLIVESMATTER!!! #RACISMALIVE AND WELL…

It’s a hard topic. It’s hard, it’s sad, and it’s hard to truly say what you want to say because emotions are high, tensions are high, and a lot of it is due to the freaking media who immediately tells EVERYONE the murder happened because *big underline and underscore and asterisks* “HE WAS BLACK AND THE KILLERS WERE WHITE”… the killers, not the police… the killers. Wording matters my friends.

Know what else matters? The truth.

Let me just say first off that I am sorry that a man died. I’m sorry because I am sorry that ANYONE dies, ever.

I love black people, I love white people, and I know it’s hard to hear someone who’s “white” talk about and criticize the actions of someone who’s “black” … but that’s because of the fact that race DOES matter whether we like it or not.

The same people pushing for the racist thing are the same people who want to remind us that over 300 years ago, there were black slaves, conveniently forgetting to mention that A, black people themselves were the first slave traders, B, black people owned black slaves themselves, C, there were OTHER slaves too (Irish, etc), D, we covered it when a WHITE person was shot by police and killed (btw, this happens right and left too but NO ONE reports it, which tells you that the media WANTS to inflame the whole blacks against whites thing…) and E, HALF OF THE COUNTRY disagreed with the idea of slaves to begin with! There was a war? Remember?

No, I do NOT think that racism is as prevalent as everyone makes it sound. Why? We have a black president, we’ve had a black secretary of state (Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice), we have black supreme court justice members, black entertainers, black scientists.

I think that the PROBLEM lies in the media who wants us to immediately feel sorry for a community of people for false reasons.

I have a large heart for people of any color.

I DO NOT have a large heart for a black person who had a gun, was resisting arrest and had an extensive criminal history including sex with a minor/ sexual predator/ offender.

Yes, if you haven’t guessed, I’m referring to Alton Sterling.

Mr. Sterling, might have been black but I have a feeling looking over his sheet that the reason that he was killed wasn’t so much because he was black, as it was that he had a long standing history with the police and the law.

The Baton Rouge police KNEW this guy and NOT because he was pulled over often. But because he actually committed crimes, possessed hard drugs (ecstasy) carried weapons illegally, AND was sleeping with a minor (14 years old) when he was a 20 year old and then failing to register as a sex offender.

I REALLY hate that this guy died, and I mean that. (not sarcastic)… but this is what I know from the reports AND watching the video of his death now five or six times.

#1. The police knew this man well.
#2. They were called because SOMEONE knew that he had a gun (illegally).
#3. When police know that someone has a gun, they tend to not treat it as if the man is holding a kitten.
#4. When the police know the man has a gun on him, AND has a criminal history, AND is well known as a thug in the community, they are DEFINITELY not going to treat him as if he’s holding a kitten.
#5. The police were called BECAUSE someone reported that he (Mr. Sterling) threatened them with a gun.
#6. The police definitely knew he had a gun on him as it can be heard in the video. “He’s got a gun!”
#7. Mr. Sterling was NOT complying with police as they tell him multiple times to “get on the ground” and he does not. They have to tackle him. (remember, they know he has a gun as this was why they were called there.)
#8. Video evidence suggests that Mr. Sterling was reaching for one of the police man’s tasers while on the ground as (even though it’s a bit unintelligible), it appears that one of them says, “He’s going for the taser.”
#9. In the video, they repeatedly tell him to “stop moving/ stay still” (Remember, they’ve ALREADY had to tackle him because he wasn’t complying) and it’s pretty obvious that he (Mr. Sterling) is attempting to move his right arm (partially under the car) around, giving the police reason to believe that he might have been GOING for his gun to retaliate.
#10. AGAIN… this man was KNOWN by police as a criminal.
#11. It’s pretty obvious by the enormous, “FU**!!!” that the cop says at the end of the video that he’s shocked and horrified by what just happened. He didn’t plan on killing this guy and he didn’t expect it to go down that way.

Now, if you were WHITE and you were a known criminal and had an illegal weapon on you, and a history as a sex offender, I would have said, “Hey, don’t commit crimes, don’t have sex with a minor and when the police ask you to comply, get on the ground and STOP MOVING… do it…”

You know what I’d love? I’d love for America to get AS ANGRY at the killing of unborn babies as they are sitting behind their computers judging every police shooting as “racism” and starting riots over it. That’s what I’d love. #notgoingtohappen

It’s that simple if you’re white… but if you’re black and I write something like this? I’m racist… -_-

I guess if I lose friends over this, then it says that people are more emotional than they are willing to consider some facts and I can’t help any more. 😦 officer_gun_police_shooting_ostill

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