If your “love” doesn’t forgive other Christians, then your “love” is worth crap.

I can not believe how we treat each other as Christians. I truly mean that. I mean it for myself as well.

And I will say this much, I am HARD to disappoint/ piss off. But I can only take things “so much” before I will in fact kick you to the curb. I “released” a few around this time last year because they finally found the straw that broke the “camel’s back” so to speak. I didn’t unfriend them because of that “thing” that they did, I unfriended them because it was a list of things that were constantly, always bad and I never saw much of a desire to recognize these things or change. That is a toxic person and the toxicity was rubbing off on me in the wrong way.

I’ll also say that I’m also not referring to a person who is deeply rooted in sin who refused to acknowledge things or change. To be honest and fair, I have no problems telling that person to leave if it means protecting everyone else.

However, I am getting really tired of this “hippy dippy” Christianity that (as I suspect always) mostly comes from “women” who say things like, “I love everyone.” “I forgive all” “I am friends with everyone.” “It’s Christlike to forgive…” – I wouldn’t mind all of these things in and of themselves…IF the person saying them were actually serious. It’s been my experience that these people are full of crap and only mean these things to a point and often that “point” is with other Christians (shock).

What these women APPEAR to mean is – “I am super flirty and awesome with people who don’t know Christ or are steeped in sin… But if you piss me off one too many times, I’m gone and not super nicely, either.”

Again, this is my experience, maybe you know someone who has proven this otherwise. But it seems to me that the super nice, super sugary, super “awesome” people in the church who spout the “love all” “forgive all” “accept all” are the same people who always seem to have drama with everyone eventually. They tend to “know the truth” but not have any desire to follow that truth themselves or recognize that they are, in fact, the problem.

They have no desire to practice what they preach and they see themselves as being “high and mighty” and “righteous” for “not giving up” on the stripper who’s their friend on facebook. Nevermind that the stripper is DOWN RIGHT CRUEL to others and has outwardly been so. (Note- Having a stripper friend is not really an issue. My point was the sin, not the person, and my BIGGER point is the cruelty.)

Let me just say something that needs to be said. You are NOT Godly for “friending the world” and “hanging with people who are horrible to others.” You’re actually doing more harm than good. You are a “Christian” who is accepting of their sinful lifestyle and behavior. And furthermore, if you are willing to put up with their crap, but drop other Christians because they “annoy” you… or “you don’t like how they are/ ¬†etc…” You are a hypocrite of perhaps the worst design.

The bible has a LOT to say about how we treat other Christians. One of the BIGGEST ones being “THEY WILL KNOW YOU BY YOUR LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER” (not the world and it’s sinners).

But seriously it has TONS to say about forgiving your brother / sister and talking with/ communicating with one another.

Bottom line? If you don’t forgive other believers and continue to try and love them, your “love” is worth dog crap.