10 Things that I didn’t like about The Force Awakens.

Perhaps far too late-

Ten things that I didn’t like about The Force Awakens – (But didn’t think that they ruined the movie at all)


Seems silly at this point, but if you haven’t seen TFA, don’t read… spoilers.

1. All of the silly, one syllable names.

Star Wars was made up of people who had interesting, unique names. Obi Wan Kenobi, Lando Calrissian, Darth Vader. Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa…

And in The Force Awakens… what do we get? Rey. Finn. Poe. Hux. Maz. Snoke. Lor… What…ever… All of the people who had interesting names were secondary characters at best. Phasma for instance was a great name, but it was only mentioned once or twice.

“Finn” and “Rey” sounds like someone spent a delightful day at an aquatic zoo before needing to sit down to write a Star Wars script. But it doesn’t do anything for me in terms of memorable characters…

2. The lack of a strong villain theme.

Please don’t get me wrong. I love Kylo Ren’s theme. Unfortunately, when pitted against something like “The Imperial March” – six trumpeted/horned notes just don’t do him justice.

It’s a fantastic piece of music, but it doesn’t hold the same kind of punch and power as TIM. The very first time that I ever heard The Imperial March, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I saw The Force Awakens twice in the theater and if asked, I couldn’t remember Kylo Ren’s theme. I had to look it up.

3. I’m going to get stoned for this one, and it’s a blog in and of itself which I plan to write later.

The continual usage of one dimensional female leads. Don’t get me wrong, I have NO issues with female leads (although I wish that they’d stop trying to push them for every…single…new movie.) The problem is that in pushing female leads, they’re making them one dimensional by making characters like Rey.

Rey is (basically) perfect. She doesn’t really have an arch. Yes, things HAPPEN to her, and she gains powers, but she only has an up incline and her biggest “problem” is that she’s waiting for family who will never come back. She’s good, then better, then the greatest. I’ve actually heard people complain that she was literally all three characters from the original series in one. They did the same crap in this new movie, which I won’t say more about in case someone hasn’t seen it.

Finn on the other hand had an arch that raised him up morally and that is why he was interesting. The flaws, lack of morality, or struggles are what make a character interesting, Hollywood keeps putting forth flawless female characters whose biggest “problems’ are that they left the safety on the blaster. Oops. This really doesn’t leave her much room to grow in the future films.

That being said, Daisy Ridley is beautiful, talented, and an amazing actor and I hope to see her in many more films.

4. Why is Kylo Ren’s name Ben?

I’m assuming that this is something that might be explained in the next film, but for the most part Leia (who really didn’t know Obi Wan Kenobi) knew that he was “Obi Wan Kenobi”… So, why Ben? Theories are flying around on this one and I can’t wait to see if the next Star Wars movie actually ANSWERS this question, or if it’s just another thing we’ll end up scratching our heads over.


5. Leia.

This is even more annoying now that Carrie Fisher has passed away. (12.27.2016). But Leia seemed horrendously under used in TFA. She was there merely to explain plot points and then to “be there” when Han died.


6. Dialogue.

Speaking of explaining plot points. That is #6 for me. The dialogue between Han and Leia was almost cringeworthily annoying to me even upon my first viewing of the movie. “It was Snoke, he’s the one who seduced our son…” Han doesn’t know that? Of course he does. It’s us who doesn’t know that for sure, so Han and Leia in these sequences are talking heads for the audience.

They go on explaining both their story and Ben’s/Kylo Ren’s story to the audience like we need the spoon feeding. To be fair, we do need the spoon feeding a little bit because we don’t really know what happened between them. That didn’t make it much less annoying for me.

I always figure that dialogue like this can be done in a different way. – For instance –

They don’t actually seem like
they like each other.

Another Character:
They love each other… they just
have a hard time showing that. After
Snoke seduced Ben, everything fell
apart. They can’t stand to be in the
same room sometimes. But don’t
take that to mean that they don’t love
each other, kid. There’s no greater
love in the galaxy.

7. “Where did you get that?”

Where did Maz get the lightsaber? This is the lightsaber that was chopped straight off of Luke Skywalker’s hand before the famous, “I am your father” line…

I’m sorry but, “A good question for a different time” is not a good enough answer here. And based on what I’ve read regarding how she came by it, all she really had to say was, “It was given to me by a Scavenger a long, long time ago.”

8. The Scene right after Rey discovers the lightsaber… in which a very strong Rey becomes “flighty”…

This may seem like a contradiction to number three, but it’s not.

This was not a struggle to overcome or anything of the like. This was merely an odd scene. Rey has never once shown in the film that she has a propensity for being “flighty” and yet, here she is running off into the woods on a planet that she’s never been to… why? Because she’s… spooked? What in the world?

The only reasons that she took off for the woods was to get her alone to face Kylo Ren…

9. The “hug”

That obviously misplaced hug between Leia and Rey… What about Chewbacca? Han is CHEWBACA’S best friend… Rey is like… two minutes old.

10. “The force?”

Probably my biggest annoyance of the entire film.

The ending sequence in which Kylo Ren is getting beat down, and then they come to the cliff where the earth has split and Kylo Ren says, “You need a teacher! I can show you the ways of the force…”

Rey then proceeds to have some kind of “Luke’esque” out of body experience for … a duration long enough to play quite a bit of his theme in which she seems to mystically gain all force abilities.

Now, it isn’t so much (for me) that she suddenly gained these abilities, as firstly, she’s obviously shown some of the abilities coming together already, and secondly, I believe that she might have actually trained as a Jedi alongside Kylo Ren and that she has some sort of memory wipe on her.

What irks me about this scene is how long it takes and how many chances Kylo Ren has to strike her down while she sits there with her eyes closed absorbing… force…juice… or whatever.

I mean, nothing happens. At any point he could have said, “What are you doing?!” or, “No!” (why not, lol) I don’t know… the length really irks me.