You suck, here’s why.

In the generation of cry, cry, cry, me, me, me, mine, mine, mine, now, now, now, (Wow, I sound like Captain Hook from “Hook”) – I am amazed at a growing trend both among the younger generation, but also in the OLDER generation too more and more.

It doesn’t discriminate against anyone, race, religion, gender, or riches (or lack there of)

FIRST- a disclaimer. This is not directed at ANYONE in particular, just a thing that I myself have witnessed going on with several people, AND I’ve heard others complain about outside sources doing the same thing.


When I was a little kid, if you got invited to a party, a Christmas gathering, a birthday function, or a general “overall function”- you NEVER neglected to bring something. Food, water, beverages, dessert, OR, in the cases of a birthday and Christmas (which is far more important in my opinion) a card, or a gift.

I am actually amazed at the amount of people recently who I’ve seen cry, scream and wail about people needing to “help others” and “be kind” and “give to others” and in the same week/ month/ year, won’t even so much as bring a birthday card to a good friend. Someone they’ve known for years.

Seriously, millennials… what is with that? Don’t expect people to bring you gifts, cards, and presents if you can’t be bothered to do the same.

No one expects to GET gifts, however, it seems silly to me that it’s not proper etiquette to simply bring a card. Money is not the problem. The dollar tree sells cards 2 for a 1$ and I have to say, I am amazed at the amount of people who do this who I know are not in the poverty line by any means.

I’m sorry, but this lack of etiquette to even bring a card, a liter of soda or both simply describes the silliness of this generation. Not so much because of the fact that they don’t bring something, but that they in turn, expect everyone to lavish things on them when it’s “their turn” (birthday, Christmas, etc…) Honestly? That’s disgusting.

I’m not trying to talk myself up here… I have a LOT of flaws, but I almost NEVER show up to a thing empty handed, expecting to eat your food, and drink your wine without contributing to a thing. If I do ever do this, there’s a reason. The invite was EXTREMELY last minute and the situation was explained, or something got destroyed on the way over…

I am specifically speaking about the people who have LONG periods of time to plan/ purchase a card/ bring some chips, whatever… and don’t. They simply come, eat, and expect to be taken care of. Then seem to whine about others not “giving” enough at other events, etc… >_>

blech. barf.

End/ If you’re invited to someone’s BIRTHDAY, AT LEAST bring a darn card… -_- 50cents if you’re really hard up for cash. Make some cookies, SOMETHING… my goodness… at least don’t complain about it, or people not being “serving” later on, when you’re the one who shows up to eat everyone’s food and leave. -_-

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