This is actually what’s wrong with the church.

Unwillingness to recognize sin as sin, thus letting millions of people pave their own way to hell.

Unwillingness to change at all and instead praise those who are deeply en-robed in sin.

Acting as though those who speak the truth are the real problems and putting them down. Not listening to another opinion and truly considering it, and then calling the truth teller a troll or a liar.

You’re not a Christian at this point, you’re a sin apologist and someone not interested in God’s truth.

What's wrong with the world today


Favorite part? Definitely the “sorry you took the TIMERS”… XD

2 thoughts on “This is actually what’s wrong with the church.

  1. Good Lord! Your story is a very moving one, Lisa. I love people as I find them. That doesn’t mean I think they are on the right path. You can only offer your insight to others, and if they are stubborn about being right, your job there is done.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story, Lisa. I have a Christian co-worker named Linda, and her only child, Emiliee, is transitioning to be a boy. She legally changed her name to Jessey and has been taking testosterone injections. Emilee knows that her parents don’t support her behavior.

    Emilee claims she’s felt this way since preschool (that she’s supposed to be a boy), and she’s attempted suicide multiple times. She even told Linda, “Mom, I have to do something, or I’m going to kill myself!” ) Emiliee and a friend have moved out to Colorado, where she can start fresh living her life as a boy.

    I’ve often wondered the same thing your husband did- how do transgender people know they’re supposed to be the opposite gender, when they’ve never BEEN the opposite gender before?


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