Good GLOB, let us all quickly lose our pee over something ELSE totally meaningless.

I am in a poo poo mood…

Just poopooey period. (Say that five times fast…)

I love me some marvel and some DC, you see. (It’s going to be one of THOSE kinds of blogs…)

And I’m ashamed and appalled. In fact, better call Saul.

See, here’s the thing the joker…
The joker is a bloke er…
a dude who’s crude and rude and..

Oh, forget this BS… he’s a villain. He’s a horrible, awful, terrible villain.

This guy has been portrayed in many different ways.

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But if we can say one thing about all of them, it’s this, He’s motha huffin’ SCARY

Let’s not even TALK about what he’s BECOME recently-

Striking fear in us right at the core and playing on fears ingrained in all of us- the kind that induce panic attacks, the joker is NOT a pretty fellow. Come ON… where do you think most of your fears of CLOWNS came from?

Regardless… then there’s this… this CRAP…

The fact that after enough boo hooing and hissing from “offended” people (mostly feminists I believe) DC was forced to remove this comic cover…

Batgirl #41 joker variant DC Comics withdrawn, art by Rafael Albuquerque

WHY?!?? … because Barbara looks afraid… *head desk*…

Okay, so let me get this straight… the joker can beat up any MAN and they can be afraid (I know that Batman and Robin have shown fear on a number of occasions because of the Joker) But Barbara CAN’T because the moment that she does, it’s PATRIARCHY?!?!? … ???????

Erm, isn’t the POINT of this character (originally that he was a joke-ster) but that he’s a SADISTIC character that finds people’s torment funny? Don’t you think it would include both male and FEMALE characters?

WHY IS THIS AN ISSUE?!?! (Feminists asked the same thing, I think 😉 )

I wonder if said people have a problem watching ANY of the hundreds of Criminal Minds Episodes in which women are hurt and appear frightened ALL OF THE FREAKING TIME… or you know, how tons of media portrays it when villains are involved.

Seriously, get over it. Art CAN go too far, yes, but this was not an example of it. The image is NOT that bad. It’s hardly “mild torture”.

whatever… #Villainsgunvill
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