Controversial story

I tried to settle my nerves and my mind. It was late now, after all. So, I closed my eyes and made my best effort to drift off into the state of sleep that I felt I desperately needed.

After what felt to me to be about ten minutes, a familiar feeling pricked my skin. It started at the back of my neck, then traveled down my shoulders and arms and to the tips of my fingers where it awakened me fully. Someone was there, and considering the options, I knew exactly who it was.

Looking up, I saw the looming shadow on the wall, the one that I’d seen before. The fuzzy, lanky image blurred against the gray wall and for a moment, it reached out, fingers stretching as if to touch me. Then his hand dropped and to my shock, he came towards me.

There was a moment of pause, and shortly after I felt the bed give a little and the warmth of a body slide up against me. Trig sighed, relaxing and put his arm around my body, pulling me ever closer. “Shhhh,” he whispered, shivering against me. “It’s so cold.”

It was cold. And I was frozen.

Scene From “Before The Darkness Starts to Run”